Philippines: Yet Another Hudna, As Local Muslims Opt For a Time-Out To Regroup and Rearm

The brilliant Christina McIntosh fisks yet another imbecilic ‘peace deal’ between the Christian majority and the soldiers of allah, in this case the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, (MILF) which has been terrorising the infidels since the sixties.

As reported by Australia’s ABC, which neglects to mention such things as hudna and the “Treaty of Hudaybiyya”, model for all Muslim “agreements” with Infidels.

“Philippines, Muslim rebels clear final peace deal hurdle to end decade-long insurgency”.

“End”. Nope. This is just a time-out, a temporary hiatus; the Jihad will resume as soon as this or that Muslim entity within the most heavily-Islamised portions of the southern Philippines feels itself to be strong enough to have another go at the filthy Filipino Unbelievers. – CM

‘The Philippines government and Muslim rebels say they have cleared the last hurdle in long-running peace negotiations, paving the way to end a deadly decades-old insurgency (sic: JIHAD – CM) in the country’s south.

Interesting flag they got, the Moro’s:


‘President Benigno Aquino hopes to secure a final peace settlement (final? I can guarantee it won’t last more than ten years, at the outside, unless the Filipino non-Muslims are willing and able to project overwhelming military superiority; somehow I doubt that Benigno Aquino has read a good translation of the canonical “Life” of Mohammed, for if he had, he would be far less optimistic – CM) before leaving office in mid-2016 to end the rebellion by Muslim groups(that is: the most recent Jihad by Muslim terror gangs – CM), which has left 150 000 people dead (that is: in which 150 000 people have been killed, mostly by the jihadi terrorists – CM).

‘Negotiators of both sides said Saturday marked the conclusion of years of peace talks ahead of the signing of a formal deal to seal their work.

‘The chief negotiator of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Mohagher Iqbal says the deal was expected to be signed “very soon” to pave the way for peace.

“From A to Z it has been full of challenges.  But with the cooperation and determination of all parties…I think no obstacles will stand in the way, God willing, ” he said.

There it is, that expression of Muslim fatalism and abdication of personal responsibility – “Inshallah”, heard in the bazaars from North Africa to Indonesia. – CM

‘Mr Aquino’s spokesman Edwin Lacierda says he hoped the deal could be signed as early as next week.

‘Chief Philippine government negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer says the conclusion of the latest round marked the “end of a process, which is the formal negotiations”.

“The peace process…is aimed to really bring about a good foundation for sustainable peace and development in Mindanao (in southern Philippines) and in that sense we consider this a very important development”, Ms Ferrer said.

Waste of time, Ms Ferrer.  You cannot trust this deal, this “hudna”, this timeout.  As far as the Muslim side is concerned, it is written on toilet paper in disappearing ink, and the moment they think themselves strong enough to dispense with it, and to go for the throat, they will. – CM

‘She says “the bigger challenge of implementation” lay ahead with the target “to substantially complete everything by the end of this administration in 2016”.

Make sure that the overwhelmingly-non-Muslim Filipino army continues to carry and display a great big stick, and shows willing to bring it down good and hard on any jihad gangs that pop up their heads; that’s the only way you’ll get any sort of peace worth mentioning. – CM

‘Negotiators have been meeting from Wednesday on the outskirts of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur to tackle a “normalisation” deal detailing how the rebels (the jihad gangsters – CM) will hand over their weapons and the creation of a security force to police what would be a self-ruled Muslim area.

If I were a non-Muslim Filipino who happened to currently be living within this proposed “self-ruled Muslim area” I would pack up and leave, now.  I would not trust any Muslim-manned “security force” to protect me against attack from the Muslims around me. – CM

‘The deal is the last of four power-sharing accords that must be agreed between the government and the MILF, before a final peace deal can be signed.

‘Neither Ms Ferrer nor Mr Iqbal gave details of how MILF would decommission its 12,000 strong armed forces.

‘But they say an independent commission will be set up to work out the details.

“For peace, real peace in Mindanao, we have to decommission our forces,” Mr Iqbal said.

There is no element of surrender...The issue of normalisatin is the most sensitive and emotional”.

Note that phrase “no element of surrender”.  Mr Iqbal operates – and he knows that all his Muslim hearers operate – within the Win/ Lose, Dominance/ Submission zero-sum paradigm of Islam.  He knows that his signing onto this deal might be construed by other Muslims as a “surrender” to the hated Infidels.  So he is hastening to tell them that this is not the case; that he hasn’t conceded anything real. – CM

‘Mr Aquino warned last month that disarming the MILF would be a “heavy and contentious” issue.

‘Apart from the MILF, many other armed groups operate in the south, including former rebels who have resorted to banditry and terrorism.

Rebellion, banditry, terrorism, are all perfectly consonant with the Sunnah, the example of Mohammed and his “Companions”, who used to raid caravans and rob merchants, and carried out assassinations of those who dared to criticise and condemn their nefarious activities. – CM

‘The insurgency, which began in the 1970s, has left parts of the southern Philippines mired in deep poverty and instability.

So long as parts of the southern Philippines remain mostly Muslim, they will continue to be grovellingly-poor and “unstable”, no matter what.  Deep poverty and “instability”  – that is, a general atmospheric of suspicion and aggression, resulting in periodic violent assaults upon other Muslims and upon any available Infidels – are the natural states of a very large swathe of the portion of the globe dominated by Muslims; and in general, unless propped up by oil money, the more fervently and purely Islamic any mostly-Muslim polity becomes, the poorer and more violent and chaotic it becomes. – CM

‘A previous peace agreement in 2008 was struck down by the Philippines Supreme Court which rejected it as unconstitutional, leading to renewed fighting.”

That Supreme Court decision prevented the Muslims from getting what they thought they’d inveigled the Infidels into giving them; so they resumed the Jihad. 

I commend to our readers, especially any who may be visiting from the Philippines, two useful discussions of “hudna” and of the “Treaty of Hudaybiyya”.

Those particular discussions are mainly in connection with another entirely futile “peace process” between Muslim and Infidel parties, the one that has gone on for decades – punctuated by renewed outbreaks of Jihad – between the Jewish state of Israel and the Muslims whose long-term goal is to destroy it utterly.  But the general principles that are there outlined are applicable to each and every Infidel state – such as, for example, the Philippines, or Thailand, or India – that finds itself dealing with eruptions of jihad either from across the borders, or from within.

From the first of those essays I have just linked, I excerpt a lapidary passage, which I encourage any Filipino readers to take away, and translate into Tagalog, or into any other of the major languages of the Philippines, and circulate far and wide; it needs to move far beyond the Anglosphere. It needs to be understood, and learned by heart, by the politicians, the diplomats, the businessmen, the educators and the generals of every non-Muslim country in the whole wide world: all who have the responsibility of defending their societies against the neverending Jihad waged by the Mohammedan Mob.

“In the Muslim view, treaties with Infidels are NOT to be obeyed. They are to be entered into when Muslims feel that they are at the moment too weak to do otherwise, and where they sense that they can gain, in the end, by entering temporarily into a treaty with Infidels. For Msulims, every treaty with Infidels is merely a “truce” treaty, a “hudna”.  The very idea that Muslims could recognise the permanence of an Infidel nation-state goes against everything in Islam.

The basis of Muslim treaty-making with Infidels can be found in the Treaty of Hudaybiyya that Mohammed made with the Meccans in 628 AD. Finding himself and his followers too weak to take on the Meccans directly, Mohammed made an agreement with them.  He would not attack them in return for their promise to allow him and his followers to annually enter Mecca for the ‘ijra, or lesser pilgrimage.  The treaty was to have lasted for ten years – and ten years, by the way, is the maximum period that a treaty with Infidels can normally last (are you listening, Benigno Aquino? Miriam Coronel-Ferrer? – CM) though some Muslim authorities have said that a treaty can be renewed at the expiration of that ten-year period, if the Muslims need more time to strengthen their forces and would benefit from a continued “hudna”.

“The treaty with the Meccans lasted on 18 months, however; when Mohammed decided to find a pretext to attack, and did.

“And he has been praised ever since, in Muslim lore, for his ability to deceive the unwary Meccans, and to use the time of that truce to his advantage.

“And Mohammed is the Model of Conduct (uswa hasana) and the Perfect Man (al-insan al-kamil).  He is the model in all things.  Among those things, he provides the model, that transcends his time and is good for all time, for how to make treaties with Infidels.”

And that is why this latest ‘agreement’ in the southern Philippines is not worth spit. – CM


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