Obama Regime Still Pushes the Warming Fraud

Unreal: Obama Administration Regime Blames Record Cold On Global Warming (GWP)

It isn’t just the bubble gum rag Time Magazine. The White House itself is pushing the guffaw-worthy concept that not only does the recent record cold not discredit global warming — it is caused by it. From the official White House blog:    Extreme Cold Snap Caused by Global Warming (Moonbattery)


It gets better:

House Democrats claim global warming will drive women to prostitution

Boehner BUSTED For Blocking Benghazi Select Committee

Posted by Gateway/Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Benghazi family members and dozens of military officers take on Boehner’s role in blocking an independent investigation of Benghazi.

Hat Tip BirtherReport:

The letter is posted at this allenbwest.com link for all to read.

Department Of Black Justice Issues Discipline Rules For Teachers: Black Students Must Be Let Off The Hook

“… racial discrimination in school discipline is a real problem”…in other words: discipline is a ‘white thing’…

Yes, it is a real problem, it’s very discriminatory against all the white kids that don’t act like they love or try to act like the black culture thats being forced upon us.

Only white cultures are being diversified. Anti-racist is just code for anti-white.

That Somali Problem in Minnesota

Marxist ideology has permeated and perverted many of our Christian institutions, especially in Minnesota.

Not only have our ‘Shepherds’ been ideologically compromised and are leading their blind flocks like a Piped Piper to our utter destruction, but they are also bilking the American taxpayer.– Challenging Our Faith (GoV)