Up to five boats sent back as Tony Abbott defends secrecy

Downunder, our taxpayer funded mediatarts bombard us not with  news, but with a leftist agenda that consists largely of 3 subjects:

  1. Homo Marriage
  2.  Global Warming
  3.  Muslim Invasion (which they call either boat people or ‘refugees’)

Opponents to these 3 talking points are mercilessly assassinated.

At the moment, our Red -Green subversives are throwing hissy fits over this:

Up to five boats sent back as Tony Abbott defends secrecy


AS many as five asylum-seeker boats have been towed or turned back to Indonesia in great secrecy by navy or Customs vessels in the past month. Australian Defence Force personnel involved in Operation Sovereign Borders have been warned not to reveal any details of what is happening on the oceans to Australia’s north, but The Australian has learned that two asylum-seeker boats were towed to Rote Island, near Indonesian West Timor, while the Indonesian crews of two, and possibly three, other vessels were persuaded to head home without being towed.–BRENDAN NICHOLSON THE AUSTRALIAN


They lie so much they can’t lie straight in bed:

PM likens asylum fight to ‘war’

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has likened his Government’s border protection approach to being at “war” with people smugglers.

But here’s a new one,

High Time:

We want to take the politics out of the curriculum issue

THE Abbott government will move today to reshape school education by appointing strong critics of the national curriculum to review what children are taught, amid fears a “cultural Left” agenda is failing students. The Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, is seeking a blueprint by mid-year to overhaul the curriculum, warning that the rise of “remedial” classes at universities proves the depths of the problem in Australian classrooms. Vowing to restore an “orthodox” curriculum, Mr Pyne will today name author and former teacher Kevin Donnelly and business professor Ken Wiltshire to lead the review.

Indonesia ‘not offended’ by turnbacks

Even if they were, who gives a hoot?  But our media leftards desperately want the Indo’s to be offended, so they keep harping on and on and on…..

‘Lifeboats’ to return asylum seekers

3 thoughts on “Up to five boats sent back as Tony Abbott defends secrecy”

  1. Now that the government has adopted tough consistent measures to slow down and ultimately put a stop to illegal “maritime arrivals”, the Greens and Labor keep wringing their hands and harping on the nonsensical claim that the government is acting in secrecy and that the Australian public are being kept in the dark – desperate to know what is going on every minute of every day.

    Just laughable. We just want to see the end of these uninvited immigrants who never seem to have valid passports and papers and we don’t care about nor need to be drip fed news on the matter every second minute.

    The truth is these uselesss left wing politicans just want to see the whole thing fall over and will adopt any pathetic measure they can dream up to bring this about.

    Labor and the Greens together stuffed up our beautiful country for six long years and now the Coalition has got to fix the mess bequeathed to them.

    They were wasteful and incompetent and now they have the hide and the audacity to criticise the Coalition!

  2. GREAT Tony!!!!

    NOW – SEND THE REST OF THE muslim (AND their non_muslim_assisters) IN AUSTRALIA TO THE Arabian Peninsular.

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