"We just want you to have some too…."

If Obama had a son, he would like the black zombies of Rochester:

Obamunism is not only about spreading the wealth around; it also spreads violence and misery. In the demented psyche of progressives, this is a desirable outcome:

Rochester does not have a problem with black mob violence.  Or black on white crime. The city does, however, have a problem with white people who are not used to it.

The Progressive Future Caught on Video  (Moonbattery)

The collapse of civilization isn’t a faraway, theoretical event. It is already happening. Here’s video proof:

Now you know what the words “kids” and “teens” mean in the context of crime reports.

These “kids” and “teens” are entitled to wealth they did not create because Whitey is a racist. That’s what the government tells them, that’s what the schools tell them, that’s what their TVs and rap songs tell them, that’s what their parents tell them. Most of them have probably never been exposed to the concepts of right and wrong or personal responsibility.

They behave exactly the way the liberal social engineers who have been destroying our society through propaganda and welfare policy should have expected them to behave.

 But the real problem is … white privilege:



The “Unfair Campaign” is intended to draw attention to advantages white people enjoy because of their skin color. 

What a tremendous idea! Let’s see what the Minnesota Public Radio has to say on the subject:

“We swim in a sea of whiteness, it’s the norm,” O’Neill said. “If we’re white we don’t have to think about it, we don’t see it. So the first step is getting white people to see it.”

Swimming in a sea of whiteness? What’s funny is Detroit was once an unforgivable ‘sea of whiteness’. These white people created a community, a city that became the envy of the world. Now, that city – immersed in a sea of Blackness – drifts back to nature, a melancholy retreat from civilization to… disarray.   (More)