Why is the Muslim Brotherhood Not Banned in Australia?

Muslim Brotherhood and ties to Nazism. Should it be banned in Australia?

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In asking myself that question, the answer is a resounding ‘YES’. I was also rather disturbed to find out they weren’t.

From Jews DownUnder

The Former Egyptian Foreign Minister Mr El Orab, who was in Australia recently thinks they should.  In being outspoken about it, he was been heckled by Brotherhood supporters during talks in Sydney according to a report in theSydney Morning Herald. Mohamed El Orabi told Fairfax Media that the organisation which has been recently outlawed in Egypt should not be allowed to cause trouble in Australia as well.

“They should be banned if they start to adopt a lot of violence … this is not the right way”

Fairfax Media revealed in August that the Muslim Brotherhood had registered their name, “Moslem Brothers Incorporated” and had opened an official office in Padstow.

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The office is believed to be the first in the southern hemisphere and Moslem Brothers chairman Shawky Elghar has said that they are operating openly under Australian law and protesting for human rights.

Mr Elghar told Fairfax Media that Mr El Orabi should mind his own business in Egypt.

“They should not direct the Australian government what to do or not to do. The Australian Government are smart enough to know what is right for them”

He continued:

“We are not under their control. They are just trying to control people all over the world”

Mr El Orabi, who is the head of the opposition group, The Congress Party, said he was surprised to see such support for the organisation in Australia and he said the rowdy group were sending the wrong message about Egyptian people.

Some background here on the radical Islamist group from Wikipedia.

The Society of the Muslim Brothers  , the Muslim Brotherhood, is a transnational Islamic political organization which is considered a terrorist organization by both the Egyptian and Russian governments.

Founded in Egypt in 1928 a Pan-Islamic, religious, and social movementby the Islamic scholar and schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna, by the end ofWorld War II the Muslim Brotherhood had an estimated two million members. Its ideas had gained supporters throughout the Arab world and influenced other Islamist groups with its “model of political activism combined with Islamic charity work”

The website ‘Tell the children the truth’ is an excellent source of information. With everything from Amin Al Husseini, Yasser Arafat ,Saddam Hussein, Muslim Brotherhood, Ben Laden Al Qaeda to Iran and Europe’s Radical Right

1927: Wahhabi extremists revolt against Saudi regime because of dealings with West.  The Rebellion is crushed. Extremists relocate in Egypt. Thoughts of Jihad against the West and America become central to the movement.

1928: Muslim Brotherhood is established in Egypt by Hassan El Banna, Mother organization for today’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Hamas. 

The Muslim Brotherhood is built on Wahhabi foundations.

Amin Al-Husseini becomes prominent member of Muslim Brotherhood.

(Haj Amin al-Husseini was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. An Arab nationalist, prominent Muslim religious leader, and wartime propagandist for Nazi Germany.

Jewish Virtual Library’ and ‘Tell the children the truth’

He sees the Wahhabi concept of Islamic Jihad as a key tool to rally pan-Islamic support to further his agenda of Pan-Islamic take-over.  The Muslim Brotherhood now under Husseini’s influence, becomes the main vector of hatred against the West and the Jews: the Arab World, which includes Palestine, must be free of any non-Islamic faith.  Therefore, Jews and Christians have no claim to any part of the Middle East or of the Arab World.

1933: Hitler’s vision of ethnic cleansing of non-Aryans becomes appealing to the Wahhabis of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The West and the Jews are the common enemy.  Muslim Brotherhood acquires Hitler’s methods of genocide to rid the Arab world of its non-Muslims.

Young Egypt.  Led by Muslim Brotherhood member Abdul Gamal Nasser (future Egyptian President).  Young Egypt’s political slogan

“One Folk, One Party, One Leader”

is a direct translation from German of Nazi slogan.

Social Nationalist Party in Syria.  Led by Anton Saada (known as the Syrian Fuhrer)

1939 – 1945: Amin Al-Husseini spends WWII in Germany at Hitler’s side.  He establishes Muslim Nazi troops and becomes heavily involved in the genocide of Jews, Gypsies and Serbs. (See Husseini section).

Husseini calls Nazi Muslim troops “the Cream of Islam”.

1944: Amin Al-Husseini is one of the primary founders and the inspiration of Arab League.  Goal is to reinforce Wahhabi vision of Pan-Islamic unity.  Founding countries are: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen. 

Husseini, still in Germany, is appointed to President in Absentia of Fourth Higher Committee of Arab League.

Mid-1940:  Amin Al-Husseini is appointed leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Jerusalem. He becomes number one active importer of Nazi methodology to the Middle East.  Husseini flees to Egypt.  He is wanted by Yugoslavia for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity perpetrated during WWII.

1949 – 1952: ODESSA network.  Egypt, home of Muslim Brotherhood, and Syria incorporate thousands of Nazi experts into Egyptian and Syrian army, government and propaganda service. Vatican heavily involved in providing travel visas for Nazi officers.

Amin Al-Husseini providing safe haven to ex-Nazis in Arab lands. He is the main connection with Francois Genoud, Swiss banker of Third Reich, who finances the ODESSA network with money stolen from murdered European Jews.

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The point is should the Muslim Brotherhood be a proscribed group here.?

So far it is banned in Egypt, Syria and Russia, with much of the Arab/Muslim world ‘tolerating’ it.

UK has not blacklisted the Brotherhood, they are ready to hear ‘terrorism’ evidence

London says the Egyptian government retains the right to present its evidence of the Brotherhood involvement in terrorist activities

The British government has confirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood has not been blacklisted in the UK, in contrast to the Egyptian government’s recent decision to declare the group a terrorist organisation.

“The Muslim Brotherhood is an entirely legal organisation in the UK”

a UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office spokeswoman told Ahram Online on Tuesday on condition of anonymity.

”We are assessing the implications of the interim [Egyptian] government’s recent decision to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group and are discussing with international partners.”

Last week the Egyptian cabinet formally declared the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s largest political organisation, a terrorist group, effectively rendering membership illegal.

The UK spokeswoman said that Egypt has the right to make a presentation on the evidence it may have to prove the Brotherhood is involved in terrorism, although there is no guarantee that that  the Brotherhood will be proscribed in the UK.

“The UK government believes stability and security is best served in Egypt by bringing all Egyptians into the mainstream political process”.

Fifty-two organisations are proscribed under the terms of the UK Terrorism Act 2000, including Egypt’s Islamic Jihad.


 I leave you with your own thoughts and comments.

Since writing this a couple of hours ago I have received the following from my favourite author, Khaled Abu Toameh.


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  1. “They should be banned if they start to adopt a lot of violence … this is not the right way”

    They should be banned BEFORE they start to adopt “a lot of” violence. Governments should be wise enough to know that MB protestations of peacefulness mean nothing except deception.

  2. Why the Muslim Brotherhood is Not Banned in Australia ????

    BECAUSE ….
    Australian Politicians appear to be either muslim or muslim assisters who could also be Catholics who obey their POPE’s edict of “Proper Reading of the Qur’an”.

    This goes against the wishes and needs of the Australian non-muslim/HUMAN Population.


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