Slavery is a divine institution in Islam, enshrined in the Koran and unchangeable for all time.

This is one for keeps. Blacks who convert to Islam after reading this should be shunned; especially by their own people.

Blacks Calling Themselves Muslims Should Be Ashamed

by Reason/Islam Watch via TROP

Slavery is one of the vilest institutions ever created by man. Islam institutionalized slavery. Allah, the Islamic God, created ETERNAL LAWS allowing Muslims to own and rape their slaves. Muslims can enslave kafirs and keep the female captives as sex-slaves.


If Islam succeeds in conquering the world, there will, most likely, arise again Islamic corporations for breeding, raising, and trading slaves in tens of millions as was done until the late 19th century. Kafir women will again likely become the sex-slaves of Muslim masters. This evil horrid treatment, which so characterized fate of tens of millions of kafirs at the hands of Muslims, may make a comeback on the world-stage.

Muhammad, the apostle of God, the Islamic prophet of peace, was a slaver. He owned 40 slaves some of them blacks. Muhammad had kept his female slaves as concubines, so did his comrades and pious companions.

Mahran, one of Muhammad’s black slave, was made him to carry the belongings of Muhammad and his companions while on a journey through the burning desert as Muhammad said: “Carry them, for you are a ship.” Thereafter, he became known by that surname, Safina (‘ship’). Relating this own story, Mahran said:

“The apostle of God and his companions went on a trip. (When) their belongings became too heavy for them to carry, Muhammad told me, ‘Spread your garment.’ They filled it with their belongings, then they put it on me. The apostle of God told me, ‘Carry (it), for you are a ship.’ Even if I was carrying the load of six or seven donkeys while we were on a journey, anyone who felt weak would throw his clothes or his shield or his sword on me so I would carry that, a heavy load. The prophet told me, ‘You are a ship”‘ (refer to Ibn Qayyim, p. 115116; al-Hulya, Vol. 1, p. 369, quoted from Ahmad 5:222).

Islamic ‘Black Slave’ Trade

Almost all Blacks living in U.S. today can trace their roots back to a slave ancestor.


The awful truth is that Arabs ravaged Africa for nearly a millennium engaging in enslavement of Africans on a grand scale before the Europeans began exporting black slaves. In fact, the Arabic word for ‘black’ (“abed”) is also the same word for ‘slave’. This is because, the black Africans became synonymous with slaves to Arabs. Over 120 million black Africans were killed by Muslim in one of the greatest holocausts in history. Some 75% of slaves perished on their way to markets thousands of miles. To ensure that black men could not have children Muslims castrated them; many died in this barbaric cruelty. This is the reason there are no Blacks in the Middle East.

Slavery is a divine institution in Islam, enshrined in the Koran and unchangeable for all time. To admit that slavery is a mistake is to admit the fallibility of the Koran and bring its divine origin into question.
Muhammad Owned and Sold Black Slaves

Muhammad owned several black slaves. Muslim scholar Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya relies heavily on the prophet’s biographies written by great early Islamic scholars. He is regarded by Muslims as an authority, a primary source and a leader amongst Islamic scholars. He tells us in his book, “Zad al-Ma’ad” (part 1, pp. 114-116), the following:

“These are the names of Muhammad’s male slaves: Yakan Abu Sharh, Aflah, ‘Ubayd, Dhakwan, Tahman, Mirwan, Hunayn, Sanad, Fadala Yamamin, Anjasha al-Hadi, Mad’am, Karkara, Abu Rafi’, Thawban, Ab Kabsha, Salih, Rabah, Yara Nubyan, Fadila, Waqid, Mabur, Abu Waqid, Kasam, Abu’ Ayb, Abu Muwayhiba, Zayd Ibn Haritha, and also a black slave called Mahran.”

Even today in Saudi Arabia, the heartland of Islam, the common word for “Black” is “Abd”, also meaning “slave”.
Mohammed’s position on freeing slaves

In one instance, a man freed a slave that he kept as a sexual partner. When Mohammed heard what happened, he auctioned the boy and sold him for 800 dirhams to Na-eem Ebn Abdullah Al- Nahham. (Sahih Moslem vol. 7, page 83)

According to Mohammed, the punishment for committing adultery is different with a free-woman and a slave-woman. The man must be flogged one-hundred stripes and be exiled for one year. The free woman must be stoned to death. But the slave-woman (since she has a monetary value) will not be exiled or killed, she is to be flogged one-hundred stripes. If the violation is repeated, the slave-woman is to be sold. (Sahih Al Bukhari vol. 8:821 & 822)

There are many teachings in the Koran, in which Allah promotes the sexual and physical brutalization of human beings.

Quran 2:178:

“O you who believe! retaliation is prescribed for you in the matter of the slain, the free for the free, and the slave for the slave, and the female for the female, but if any remission is made to any one by his (aggrieved) brother, then prosecution (for the bloodwit) should be made according to usage, and payment should be made to him in a good manner; this is an alleviation from your Lord and a mercy; so whoever exceeds the limit after this he shall have a painful chastisement.”

Quran 4:3:

Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a captive) that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice.

You can have sex with married women and female slaves obtained in war (with whom you may rape or do whatever you like). The divine institution of Islamic slavery, including the sex-slavery, is the vilest of institutions ever created in history.
Islam Looked Down on Blacks

Islam is an ideology, whose sacred Scriptures contain explicit denigrating remarks about black people.

Mohammed referred to Blacks as “raisin heads”. (Sahih al-Bukhari vol. 1, no. 662 and vol. 9, no. 256).

In another Hadith, Mohammed is quoted as saying that Blacks are, “pug-nosed slaves”. (Sahih Moslem vol. 9, p. 46-47).
A Slave Is Not Entitled to Property or Money

Ibn Hazm says in Vol. 6, Part 9,

“The slave is not permitted to write a will when he dies, nor can he bequeath (anything) because his entire possessions belong to his master.”

The Testimony of Slaves is Not Admissible

In Vol. 35, p. 409 Ibn Timiyya remarks,

“The Shafi’i, Malik, and Abu Hanifa, who are the legists of Islam, assert that the testimony of the slave is not acceptable.”

The “Ordinances of the Qur’an” by the Shafi’i (part II, p. 142), stipulates that,

“The witnesses must be from among our freeman, not from our slaves, but from freeman who belong to our religion!”

Black Slaves on Matters of Sex and Marriage

1. The Slave cannot choose for himself.

This was confirmed by all the Muslim scholars on the authority of Muhammad. In Vol. 6, Part 9, p. 467, Ibn Hazm said,

“If a slave gets married without the permission of his master, his marriage will be invalid and he must be whipped because he has committed adultery. He must be separated from his wife. She is also regarded as an adulteress because Muhammad said, ‘Any slave who gets married without the approval of his master is a prostitute.'”

The same text is quoted by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya (Part 5, p. 117 of “Zad al-Maad”), as well as Ibn Timiyya (Vol. 32, p. 201). Malik Ibn Anas relates (Vol. 2, Part 4) more than that. He says (pp. 199, 201, 206),

“The slave does not get married without the approval of his master. If he is a slave to two masters, he has to obtain the approval of both men.”

2. The male slave and the female slave are forced to get married.

Malik Ibn Anas says explicitly,

“The master has the right to force his male or female slave to marry without obtaining their approval” (Vol. 2, p. 155).

“The master does not have the right to force the female slave to wed to an ugly black slave if she is beautiful and agile unless in case of utmost necessity” (refer to Ibn Hazm, Vol. 6, Part 9, p. 469).

In matters of sex and marriage, Ibn Timiyya states:

“The one who owns the mother also owns her children. Being the master of the mother makes him the owner of her children whether they were born to a husband or they were illegitimate children. Therefore, the master has the right to have sexual intercourse with the daughters of his maid-slave because they are his property, provided he does not sleep with the mother at the same time” (Vol. 35, p. 54).

Price of Slaves

“If an owned slave assaults somebody and damages his property, his crime will be tied to his neck. It will be said to his master, `If you wish, you can pay the fine for the damages done by your slave or deliver him to be sentenced to death.’ His master has to choose one of the two options – either the value of the slave and his price or the damage the slave has caused” (Vol. 32, p. 202, Ibn Timiyya).

Islam is a morally bankrupt, unethical ideology. Slavery, raping slave girls, owning slaves, murdering kafirs, killing Muslim apostates, selling boys and women as trophies of war, looting and pillaging the property of murdered kafirs, sharing the booty (including slaves) obtained in raids and wars with Allah Himself, the subjugation and beating of women, martyrdom for those who are killed for God’s cause, a depraved Paradise filled with virgins—these are just some samples of utterly unethical and evil teachings of the Koran.

What will be one’s conclusion about a man found to own slaves in a civilized country, let alone raping slaves? Prophet Muhammad, aided by Allah, created the institution of slavery: he enslaved in large numbers, owned dozens of slaves as the Prophet of Islam; he used the female captives as sex-slaves on top his dozen wives; he traded in slaves.

Such an evil incarnate is eulogized by world’s 1.4 billion Muslims as the perfect human being, the greatest apostle of God, a man of peace. Tens of millions of Blacks—who were given the worst treatment by Muhammad, who suffered the most devastating treatment at the hands of Muslims—also eulogize this man, calls themselves proud Muslims. There cannot be anything more shameful than this.

Judge cartoon

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White Man’s Burden

After decades of being milked like the last cow on the farm, White Man’s Burden is rapidly losing its ability to inflict any guilt. All of this has been accelerated by a dawning awareness on the part of Whites that not only has this social engineering experiment with integration-at-gunpoint cost America countless trillions of dollars; it has also failed in a spectacular manner. Along with this failure has come a growing resentment for the continued inability of Blacks to productively utilize the immense largesse of White America in any meaningful way.

The Black community’s persistent poverty, high illegitimacy rates, habitual criminality and disproportionate incarceration statistics rather pointedly indicate that little to no progress has been made, nor is it forthcoming. Instead, despite its munificence, White America has only borne silent witness to an increased sense of entitlement among Blacks. This grasping arrogance has become so pronounced that such behavior now inspires slang terminology such as “gibsmedat” and other less polite expressions. Websites like, and stand as stark testimony to how fed up Whites and other races have become with, what is known in the vernacular as, TNB (Typical Nigger Behavior).

Neither has this sense of entitlement confined itself to Blacks. Having experienced an unprecedented half century or more of heretofore unknown prosperity, security and abundance, today’s American youth of all colors demonstrate precious little appreciation for the ultimate sacrifices which were made on their behalf; so that they could enjoy life in such full measure.


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  1. Eye opening reality – over the last few years I have (as have most Australians) been exposed to larger groups of “Legally Brown” ….
    (THAT SBS Televised Farce – where The Broadcaster is helping fund Jihad by paying the “comedian” – who pays a religious tax” to Islam that funds Jihad – for his muslim home videos)
    …. skinned people of differing nationalities (many of them Islam Slaves – even if muslim).

    Arab is the ONLY RACE that can be a TRUE muslim.
    A non-Arab can only ever be an Islam Slave – even if that non-Arab is a practicing muslim.
    If you have read the article this comment is on – you will know the above statement.

    Prior to these recent (UN – Controlled by the 57 IOC Arab Block Countries) changed times I had no real concern or attitude about race and was quiet in my outlook.

    The end of the naive period of my existence was (for me) a VERY RUDE AWAKENING.
    My NOW experience (of these “browns”) is of their aggression, continued stalking and other acts intended to supposedly intimidate and correct ANY opposition to their grasping sense of entitlement CONSTANT demands ….
    (and always resulting in the decreased quality of life experienced and HUGE extra cost borne by residents)
    …. of their “HOST” Countries.

    I also heard the revealing answer from a “BLACK” muslim – when asked – Have you read the Qur’an (or any other of Islam Trilogy)? being a non-committal Maybe? or similar and a slightly embarrassed expression.
    Indicating, no – I haven’t read them.
    If he had read the Qur’an (or even the Life of Muhammad) he would have known what he is doing to himself – perhaps that is why he chose to remain unread – avoidance is ALWAYS easier – but it comes back to bite you.

    The contents of this article (I am commenting on) are a revelation on Islam and particularly the paragraphs titled “White Man’s Burden”.

    To protect Australia – and to ensure no muslim exists in Australia ….
    • Australian Politicians MUST HAVE the criteria of FULLY_PROVEN_NON_MUSLIM and if a Catholic – this Catholic does not follow the Pope’s recent edict of Reading the
    Qur’an Correctly

    Was the White Australia Policy – a group of policies which were progressively dismantled between 1949 and 1973 such a bad idea ????

  2. What a lot of trash all heaped up into one blog.
    Read this from the bible,
    Except for murder, slavery has got to be one of the most immoral things a person can do. Yet slavery is rampant throughout the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments. The Bible clearly approves of slavery in many passages, and it goes so far as to tell how to obtain slaves, how hard you can beat them, and when you can have sex with the female slaves.
    Many Jews and Christians will try to ignore the moral problems of slavery by saying that these slaves were actually servants or indentured servants. Many translations of the Bible use the word “servant”, “bondservant”, or “manservant” instead of “slave” to make the Bible seem less immoral than it really is. While many slaves may have worked as household servants, that doesn’t mean that they were not slaves who were bought, sold, and treated worse than livestock.

    The following passage shows that slaves are clearly property to be bought and sold like livestock.

    However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)

    1. Ahmad, the blog entry is called “Slavery is a divine institution in Islam, enshrined in the Koran and unchangeable for all time.”

      Now if you have nothing to add than tu quoque fallacy, (‘you do it too’) with an irrelevant quote from Leviticus, it just shows your ignorance and proves that you know nothing about Christianity or Judaism.

      Lets hope you know more about your own religion.

  3. Great article, perfectly put.

    I’d add that there are even worse, even more racist hadiths attesting to Muhammad’s own inherent anti-Black racism (he says Blacks have donkey-cocks and carry the plague, and if you were to throw a Black off a cliff, he’d probably snap his fingers to mark time all the way down as he fell, etc etc etc.

    And of course “ABD” is the Arabic “N”-Word, for which they remain completely unrepentant; it’s in widespread use on their TV channels and even in what passes for Arabic ‘polite’ society.

    Let’s not forget the millions of slaves (usually, but not always, Blacks) the Saudis (and most other islamic countries, especially Sudan) still have, and always will.


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