Australian society is “winning the battle against racism, but more needs to be done”.

A “Race Discrimination Commissioner” is something to be.

Tim Soutphommasane was appointed to his position by the previous Labor government. The KRudd/G-Lard coterie had to inflict him on us. As a professional Multiculti agitprop, Tim  has written and lectured  extensively on the apparent value of Multiculturalism to Australian society.

I first heard of Tim when he made a complete a$$ of himself over Geert Wilders visit.

Bolt reminds us what kind of a fruitloop this socialist apparatchik really is:

Typical of the lazy smearing of Wilders is this effort in The Age by Tim Soutphommasane, political philosopher at the University of Sydney and member of the Australian Multicultural Council:

To put it plainly, we have to put up with things [in a liberal democracy] we may find repugnant. We have to tolerate the intolerable.

For the vast majority of us, Wilders’ views belong to this category.

Define “us” who find Wilders “repugnant”. Is it Age readers? Academics? Professional multiculturalists?

 Little Timmy’s ‘philosophy’ without knowledge  doesn’t measure up. He sounds more like a halfwit than a “philosopher”.  And he clearly doesn’t understand what democracy is. We would yet have to see his dissertation on…. what exactly?

New Human Rights Comish visits Bulleen Club

From the APP (without prejudice):

Australia’s new Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane stated his concerns recently about Australians expressing “racism” on social media. He was in Perth the other day to address students at the University of WA, and mentioned an apparent “very marked increase” in cyber-racism complaints.


Australians are so often being lectured about the evils of “racism”, as though it’s the most pressing injustice that our country faces. It’s apparently so important that we even need to employ a full time Race Discrimination Commissioner to go around the country (at taxpayers’ expense) wagging his finger at his countrymen when they dare to think the “wrong” thoughts, or type the “wrong” things on social media.

And the current Race Discrimination Commissioner, as part of his public addresses, simply bleats the same old standard propaganda message that every other Race Discrimination Commissioner before him has always bleated; that Australian society is “winning the battle against racism, but more needs to be done”.

This would make any nationalists groan and roll their eyes. In reality, for a nation to leap into a vast, contrived socio-demographic policy like Multiculturalism (with no limits set), and insisting there to be no “racism” as a consequence, is very much like leaping into a river and insisting you not get wet.

Appointed to his position by the previous Labor government, Tim Soutphommasane (don’t ask us to pronounce his surname) is more than the Race Discrimination Commissioner. He is also a professional Multicultural propagandist, who has written and commentated extensively on the apparent value of Multiculturalism to Australian society. (Hence the previous Labor government rewarding him).

Like so many of his mould, Tim appears to view Multiculturalism as an end in itself, and any opposition to it as invalid and unacceptable “racism” that society must “battle against”. He is also on record as supporting racial vilification laws. And has Tim ever defined any point where he thinks Australia will be “diverse enough”?

But whilst the Race Commissioner may be concerned with protecting precious minority groups from adverse treatment or hurtful comments, we in the APP are concerned with an infinitely more important matter. We are concerned with preserving our country’s unique Western-based culture and identity, and with stopping Australia’s rapid demographic slide towards effectively becoming AusChindiastan.

Many Australians who don’t wear Tim Soutphommasane’s blinkers, want to protect their country from the degradation that unlimited Multiculturalism inevitably brings, and stop more of it going the way of crime-infested multicultural Western Sydney, where there’s now an average of two shootings occurring per week.

Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide states:

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: …

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part

From 982,519 in 2001, the number of Asian-Australians has swollen to 2.4 million in 2011 – or from 5.5 per cent of us to 12 per cent. The more than doubling of Australia’s Asian population has been happening every decade, and can only lead to White Australians becoming a minority in their own country.

Multiculturalism has a dangerous end-game, especially in light that its adherents will never set any limits. They have never, and probably will never, define any point where Australia becomes “diverse enough”, and can then stop taking in any more immigrants from the Asia or the Third World. The sinister influences of Cultural Marxism and Racial Nihilism are hard at play, and can only lead to one eventual outcome.

This process should be called for what it really is – a process of immigration-driven racial and cultural genocide being imposed on the White Australian people. When it comes to racial injustice in Australia, THIS, and not a few over-the-top comments made on social media, is the greatest injustice that’s occurring!

And surely it’s perfectly logical that when a people are being displaced in their own country, that they may express a few frustrations about it on Facebook or Twitter!

Yes, of course, some individuals may occasionally go over the top with making very offensive or inappropriate comments, but it’s not like they haven’t been provoked by the disastrous direction of our immigration policy! But to the Multiculturalist bullies, any attitude that isn’t completely favourable towards Third World immigrants is automatically unacceptable.

This epitomises the morally corrupt Multiculturalist mindset. They espouse a completely loaded value system. They actually seem to think that mainstream Australians should just lie there happily and not raise any objections at all to the vast numbers of alien peoples now colonising Australia. No matter what the cost to Australia, we are automatically obligated not to raise any objections at all!

Because if we did, that would be “racism”, and “racism” can only be wrong. Such is the loaded pseudo-morality and extreme dogmatism being imposed in today’s social environment by the politically correct thought police.

But as we in the APP have asked before “What could be more racist than a genocidal immigration programme?

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One thought on “Australian society is “winning the battle against racism, but more needs to be done”.”

  1. Query: “Auschindiastan”?

    If persons of Chinese and Indian ethnicity – I emphasise, *non-Muslim* persons – immigrate and integrate and marry into Australian families – and, many of them, join Australian *churches* – so what? They have in fact been doing this for about 150 years.

    Query: in both churches that I have attended, there were couples with one partner Anglo-Celtic Aussie (and let’s not forget that Aboriginal Australians were here first anyway, for some 1400 generations; Australia is not the Ancestral Homeland of English speakers) and one partner of Chinese ethnicity. The church I currently attend includes among its – mostly Anglo-Celtic – parishioners a young woman with a Eurasian husband (son of Chinese mother, Anglo-Aussie father) and two young sons who have been baptised and are there almost every Sunday; then there are two Indians, both Christian, also there every Sunday without fail, with their two young sons; and there’s the altar server, aged 13, who is of Sudanese background. We just baptised a little boy whose young parents, of Sudanese background, are practising Christians, raised in Australia. Would the White Nationalists propose to uproot this little family – *our parishioners* and send them to Africa, to keep Australia ethnically White? And what will the white nationalists do about my friend who is half Indian and half English by ethnicity, the wife of an Aussie (Anglo-Celtic background) Anglican priest, and her four children? Or all the other Eurasian – and *all of them non-Muslim* – families, many of them practising Christians?

    My own brother – of typical Anglo-Celtic non-indigenous Aussie background – is married to a girl who has immigrated from China, and they have a daughter. Has he committed ‘race crime’ or ‘treason!’ by marrying a Chinese girl? Is his daughter not a ‘real’ Australian, because she is genetically Eurasian? My cousin is married to a guy of Vietnamese ethnicity, who has been raised in Australia from age two and has integratd completely. They have just had their first baby. Is their son Persona Non Grata, because on one side he has Vietnamese genes? If someone wants to expel him and his dad and my cousin, then my ansswer is – go jump in the lake, these people are FAMILY. My brother in law is married to a fervently-Catholic Filipina who has been a joy to welcome into our family; and frankly, we were all sad for them when they discovered they couldn’t have children. My paternal aunt married a young man of Chinese background; they have two clever, hard-working daughters who now, in turn, are busy raising families – one with a husband of English background, one with a husband whose mother was a Turkish apostate and whose father was a secular German (there is *no* Islam there: the twins are both given resoundingly European names). Oh, and then there’s my Italo-Australian friend whose brother married a – Christian – Malaysian Chinese lady; their son is a gifted ballet dancer.

    And I wonder just how many other Australians could rattle off a list of friends-and-relations-and-fellow-parishioners very similar to mine. Am I supposed to be disgusted by my non-white relations, and view my kin, co-religionists and friends as Traitors! because they married ‘out’ (or because their spouses married ‘in’? depends how you look at it).

    Personally, what matters to me is not someone’s eye colour, skin colour, and bone structure; what matters is the ideas inside their heads. If people are not Muslim, then they tend to be assimilable. If we stopped *Muslim* immigration and then calibrated the rest at a rate allowing for cultural integration (and also for the carrying-capacity of this driest of inhabited continents), I don’t see a problem.

    And I am afraid that I ROFLMAO when people start going on about how Australia oughta be and remain pristinely lily-white, as if it had been so forever and ever, or as if some god had decreed that it must be so, because…aren’t such people forgetting that there are other people here, none of them white, whose ancestors arrived here tens of thousands of years before Abraham came to Canaan? Nobody spoke English here, just 300 years ago. The tombs of *my* distant genetic ancestors are not here; they are in northwestern Europe.

    Humans move, mix n match. They always have done. Besides the 90 to 100 000 Aussies who identify as Jewish, it’s been estimated there are probably as many again who have at least one Jewish ancestor. And my own suspicion is that any Aussie non-indigenous family that arrived here before 1900 probably has at least *some* Aboriginal cousins. I think mine probably does – I recently discovered that a great-great-uncle had to go to the so-called “Protector” of Aborigines to get permission to marry his “half-caste” fiancee, in 1904, and fortunately was granted it, and duly got married. Should *those* be disowned? – or celebrated?

    Pristine purity is a mirage. Let’s just focus on resisting manifest evil: namely, the Death Cult that is Islam, which attacks *everybody*. And among whose adherents – whether converts, or descended (Albanians, Bosnians, Circassians, Chechens) from people forced into or seduced into the Death Cult generations ago – are people who are ethnically ‘white’ and are just as dangerous as any of its nonwhite adherents.

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