Experts Debating Hate: Mona Eltahowitzer & Mehdi Hasan

Al Jizz  presents  the unstable Mona Eltahawy in a  debate with the fanatical Islamofascist Mehdi Hasan, who blames anything and the kitchen sink, but never Islam or Arab misogyny.

Do Arab men hate women?

With one question, journalist Mona Eltahawy unleashed a harsh critique of women’s rights in the Arab world.

Our political revolutions will fail, unless we have social and sexual revolutions that push them into the home.

Mona Eltahawy,

“Why do they hate us?”

With these five words in a controversial magazine article, Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy shot to fame, unleashing a devastating critique of women’s rights in the Arab world.

In the season premiere of Head to Head , Mehdi Hasan challenges Eltahawy on her views regarding the status of women in Arab states.

Are Arab or Muslim societies inherently patriarchal? And how does the narrative of Islam as sexist play into geo-politics and Western stereotypes of the Middle East?

Joining the discussion is Dr Aitemad Muhanna of the London School of Economics’ Middle East Centre; self-proclaimed progressive Imam Dr Taj Hargey; and Dr Shuruq Naguib, a British-Egyptian academic from Lancaster University.

3 thoughts on “Experts Debating Hate: Mona Eltahowitzer & Mehdi Hasan”

  1. One comment to the ‘banning the face covering’ discussion.
    We women want equality, this means we have to be able to accept the responsibilities and the privileges of individuals.
    Why should women be permitted to hide their faces when men are not?
    Voluntary or forced, covering one’s face is not an acceptable choice.

  2. No Georgina,

    This is what we call freedom. Why are some ladies allowed to put on some rags as dress, nude or entirely naked and some are stopped from convering their bodies? Is this not about choices?

  3. No Nasir,

    The country where I grew up (Australia) has rights for woman, right to vote, go to school, be treated as an equal, be Managers of companies, represent workers, have equal rights to men.

    Covering your face is ‘your’ right to practice it in an alternate country other than Australia, your so called choice is nothing more than trying to usurp what woman in the West have lobbied and strived for over the decades.

    Your choice insults my freedom, if I work in customer service why should I be forced to serve someone who disrespects me by hiding behind fabric? Why can’t I have the choice to refuse service, for their/ your rudeness?

    Your choice is representative of a divisive cult that has no separation of (Church) ‘Religion/ Cult’ and State.

    Stop lying about choice!

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