Candlelight Vigil For a Dead Muslim Soldier?

Hypocrites and poseurs

Andrew Bolt

Did the Left light a single candle for the more than 1100 boat people lured to their deaths by the lax border laws of the Rudd and Gillard Government’s?

art_w_reza_2402-620x349Hard Left Greenie and Diversity Propagandist Goya Dmytryshchak reports for al AGE


Thousands of people have held candlelight vigils around Australia for slain asylum seeker Reza Berati, who died in violence at the Manus Island detention centre last Monday.

From a poster on Andrew Bolt

In other news:

The left is the natural home of the foul-mouthed savage:

This horrific abuse of Abbott must end. But where is the Left that cried over Gillard?

shirt_thumbIts not just that they’re fuggly and stupid, their criminal aggression  and their propensity to resort to  violence wherever they pop up is a worry:

There was the banner at the same-sex marriage rally in Brisbane showing Abbott being hanged:

hacfng_thumbMuch of the abuse of Abbott is brutal, threatening, crude … and too often licensed by the Leftist media

6 thoughts on “Candlelight Vigil For a Dead Muslim Soldier?”

  1. How many tears have the lefties shed for the victim’s of coward punches, deaths caused by cyber bullying or the deaths of homeless people who can’t get a house cause they are full of illegals, why do the bleedin hearts win in every aspect when if we were to peacefully protest against these immigrants we would be arrested.

    What happened to Australians grieving for Australians now its grieve for everyone else.

  2. Left wing fuck wits to a tee.

    Who gives a rats about a Muslim?

    They chose to come here (or attampt to), these camps are meant as a deterrent not be a club med.

    Without a doubt these arrogant Muslims antagonised the security guards- many of which hate the guts of Muslims anyway. More than likely they have more mod cons than the average Manus islander or Papuan.

    They also know what Indonesia is up to in West papua.

  3. It’s a joke, what happens when our members of our armed forces loses a life, they certainly don’t get attention like this. For a bloody rag head that is an ex soldier , we need to make a stand here before it’s too late …..

    They are a mongrel breed and will not change to our lifestyle that we have split blood for.

    Sorry guys makes me angry, I’ve seen things first hand , they need to be turned around and dropped back into their shit hole countries…

  4. Candlelight vigils held for slain asylum seeker Reza Berati who died on Manus Island …. WHY WHY WHY ?????

    Reza Berati came here as a muslim invader to rape and pillage our Country for Islam – but someone (thankfully) GOT him first.

    Any non-muslims who attended the vigil for this criminal muslim invader (Reza Berati) are to be incarcerated for Terrorism Treason AND Sedition – no excuses – and ignorance of Islam’s world intentions is no defence.

  5. Rossco 85% of illegals have not found or even looked for a job! infact they believe that we should be paying them the jizya.
    If thats the case I would like to pay mine in copper, full metal jacket type.

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