Ukrainians Tearing Down Lenin Monuments

The Blaze

Ukraine is on the brink of civil war.

Fearing that their country could one day align closer with Vladimir Putin’s Russia and not with the European Union, Ukrainians have taken to the streets in protest.

The state tried to outlaw public demonstrations, but the people refused to obey.

The Ukrainian people flooded the country’s capital, Kiev, in numbers too great for government forces to repel. Deadly clashes between protesters and government forces soon followed.

Fighting in Kiev has claimed dozens of lives and injured hundreds more. The unrest continues.

The West looks on, trying to make sense of the situation, as inspiring and terrifying images of the events in the shaken country continue to find their way online.

The following video, which was uploaded Friday to YouTube, shows Ukrainians banding together to tear down statues of Russia’s Vladimir Lenin:

Why are these Lenin statues still in Ukraine?  Shouldn’t they have been torn down two decades ago?

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“Foreign backed” is the currency  of the conspiracy theorists, but this is spot on:

Obama, the EU, and Putin, meanwhile, ought to keep quiet for a change and let Ukrainians decide their own fate. Even as the establishment figures posture for the cameras on the world stage, it is important to remember that the global establishment is alsoopenly working for “integration” and “convergence” between “East” and “West,” too. How Ukraine fits into the broader agenda, if at all, remains somewhat unclear. The fact that the international establishment on both sides of the bogus “divide” is in cahoots and that the public is the victim, though, is beyond dispute.