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KRudd, Australia’s most incompetent PM (right after G-Lard who was just handed a lavishly gov’t/George Soros funded indoctrination portfolio for children @ the Brookings Institution)  called the junk science of climate change “the greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time”.  Harvard, a title mill for progressive Moonbats, is delighted to have him, because somebody must have told them that his expertise on China is “invaluable”.


Kevin Rudd to Lead Harvard Research Effort on US–China Relations


It is a rare pleasure to be able to report on a left-wing politician finding a way to make himself useful:

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has been named a senior fellow at the prestigious Harvard University in the US.

He will lead a major research effort on the US-China relationship at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and will also be a visiting fellow with the Ivy League university’s Institute of Politics.

In a statement released overnight, Harvard highlighted Mr Rudd’s experience in government and as a leading authority on China, where he worked as a diplomat in the 1980s. The university describes his expertise on China as “invaluable”, The Australian reports.

Rudd used to be a diplomat, in addition to serving twice as Australia’s Prime Minister representing the Labour Party. Let’s have a taste of his expertise on the Chinese issue. A quote:

“Those Chinese f**kers are trying to rat-f**k us.”

For a moonbat, he has a surprisingly keen grasp of the relationship between the ChiComs and the West. Maybe he could lend John Kerry a clue.

For more of the wit and wisdom of Kevin Rudd, ensure that there are no children or ladies in the room before watching the video below:

On a tip from Andrew in Australia.

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