Priceless: Turnbull Rips Conroy a New One; Lampoons Red-Green Wankfest of Phoney Compassion

Turnbull’s  skewering of Labor’s Senator Stephen Conroy and Conroy’s mad meltdown yesterday was masterly. The House even applauded, and I believe some Labor MPs joined in the laughter.

Here it is:

Compassion junkies back on their choice fix


THE death of a 24-year-old Iranian man on Manus Island last week provided a useful reminder that the so-called intellectual Left is anything but intellectual.

Their claim to be progressive is equally wide of the mark. From the kneejerk over-emoting of Greens politicians and so-called human rights activists to sanctimonious sermons from preachers and the lighting of candles by well-meaning but misguided people, the compassion junkies are back on their drug of choice.


A young man came to our door seeking our help and we killed him. The Minister must resign & island prisons must stop….

Miranda Devine puts Bandt in his box:

THAT single quote from Greens MP Adam Bandt sums up the emotional flatulence and sanctimonious hypocrisy that has been spewing from the Establishment Left all week.

On the weekend, the Greens encouraged like-minded people to gather in parks, light a candle to mark the sad death of Reza Berati and demand the end to the Manus Island detention facility. Last week this sign appeared outside the Gosford Anglican Church: MANUS! IT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE ARE USED FOR POLITICS. Lawyer Julian Burnside declared Manus a “humanitarian disaster.” Greens leader Christine Milne called the death of Berati a “murder,” demanded a royal commission and the sacking of Immigration Minister Scott Morrison.

Milne’s hubristic leadership stalker Sarah Hanson-Young presumed to speak for all Australians when she said the Australian people were “shocked” at this “gulag” and wanted it closed. Not to be outdone, Greens MP Adam Bandt said “a young man came to our doorstep seeking our help and we killed him.” More low-rent politics from Labor MP Sue Lyons who said Morrison definitely had “blood on his hands”. GK Chesterton once said there was scarcely a shade of difference left between meaning well and meaning nothing. Alas, the hysteria from the disaffected Left is not a case of well-meaning nothingness. It is downright dangerous.

Start with the rank hypocrisy of those who favour emotion over reason. Did the human candle-holders demand a change in the former Labor government’s policies that encouraged the people-smuggling business that led to 1200 tragedies between 2007 and last year? Did these grandstanders call for the resignation of the stream of Labor immigration ministers under whose watch 1200 men, women and children died? Did they muster up outrage and call for a royal commission?

Even worse, their demand that the Manus detention facility be shut down points to a grotesque morality. It would kick-start the people-smuggling business, encouraging more people to venture across dangerous seas and inevitably lead to hundreds if not thousands more deaths.

While the Labor opposition has tried to claim credit for the Manus policy, the facts suggest other- wise. Tensions are rising on Manus Island because asylum-seekers now realise there is a government in Australia committed to a firm border protection policy.

Understandably, asylum-seekers are unhappy about that and the prospect of being returned home or resettled in PNG.

Previously, asylum-seekers and people-smugglers relied on a Labor Party racked by division over immigration policy and a Labor government that changed its immigration policy over and over again.

There is nothing easy about this policy. But so far, the Manus Island policy is working. Its aim is to stop people arriving by boat and ultimately to render the need for offshore processing redundant. When the Howard government lost office in November 2007, a handful of asylum-seekers were in detention. As Morrison said on Friday, no boats have arrived for the past 64 days – in the same period last year 32 boats carrying 1847 asylum-seekers arrived on Australian shores. Moreover, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees office in Jakarta revealed last week that monthly applications for asylum-seeker registration dropped 71 per cent between February 2013 and last month. In short, boats are no longer seen as a way to get to Australia unofficially and fewer asylum-seekers are arriving in Indonesia to claim asylum through official channels.

None of this will placate people who deal in emotion rather than facts. When John Howard was prime minister the disaffected Left voiced the same hypocrisy and hyperbole on all manner of fronts. Disaffected because, trapped in a parallel universe of their own making, they never understood why voters chose Howard at four elections.

For the poorly named progressives, to question multiculturalism was akin to being racist. Never mind that the Left’s version of multiculturalism encouraged tolerance for those who detested our most basic values. To question the value of signing Kyoto was treated as supporting environmental vandalism. Never mind that Kyoto was meaningless gesture politics. To favour border protection was seen as brutish, nasty and mean. Never mind that control of our borders prevented deaths at sea and led to higher levels of support for immigration among Australians. These where the halcyon days for the unthinking Left. A week before the 2004 election, the outgoing head of the Anglican Church, Peter Carnley, sermonised against the West on the “so-called war on terrorism” and described Australia as a “nation hell-bent on a course of disturbing questionable morality.” Resorting to lazy and dangerous moral relativism, he described Saddam Hussein as “morally suspect”.

Back then left-wing whinge lit was a booming business. Presuming to know what the masses wanted, elites such as Clive Hamilton wrote books railing against capitalism, demanded that governments regulate us out of our “affluenza” by mandating fewer working hours. Never mind that plenty of Australians choose to work hard so they can live in bigger houses than the shoe-boxes of their childhoods. Other self-appointed moral guardians wrote even more ridiculous books about the “silencing of dissent” under Howard. They were not silenced. Instead, these grumpy self-labelled intellectuals were relegated to talking among themselves. The fact the Howard government dragged the Labor Party to the sensible centre on many issues only cemented their irrelevance and heightened their pain.

The return of a conservative government in Canberra under Tony Abbott has reminded the Left of their retreat from reality. And just as they detested then immigration minister Philip Ruddock, they have targeted Morrison as their new bete noir.

Derided as a war criminal, accused of committing crimes against humanity, described as the minister for racism, Ruddock’s ministerial eye remained fixed on the long-term objective where border protection was integral to building long-term support for increased immigration.

Ruddock dealt in outcomes, not empty gestures. Morrison is the same. No wonder a sense of deja vu has set in. Now, like then, the conceit of the Left cannot be ignored as merely dim-witted and harmless. Now, like then, when compassion junkies enter the national debate, there needs to be a health warning that their drug of choice is dangerous for the country.

 Bonus: Stinkbomb of the Vanities:

Fairfax’s Ross Gittins freelances as the dupe of China’s fascists:

So far have our standards sunk that we must now suffer the indignity of being lectured on human rights by the Chinese government.

It takes a particularly severe case of cultural cringe to judge Australia by what China’s autocrats say of it.

Andrew Bolt

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  1. # Turnbull’s skewering of Labor’s Senator Stephen Conroy and Conroy’s mad meltdown yesterday was masterly.

    I haven’t heard anything that good since the days of Fred Daly. It would make Parliament worth listening to again.

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