Harvard: Academic Freedom Makes Way For 'Academic Justice'

Harvard Urged to ‘Give Up on Academic Freedom,’ Shut Down Research Not Aligned With ‘Justice’

“If our university community opposes racism, sexism, and heterosexism, why should we put up with research that counters our goals simply in the name of ‘academic freedom’?”

Harvard Crimson Editorial Denounces Freedom and Truth in Favor of Academic Justice

Economic justice means confiscating wealth from those who produce it for redistribution to those who don’t. Social justice means granting special privileges to groups favored by liberals at the expense of those not favored. Climate justice means massive wealth transfers from advanced countries to backward hellholes in the name of discredited global warming theory. Whatever academic justice means, it isn’t good. Academic Justice: read it all……

 Meet Sandra Korn.

In other news:

Try to imagine a mainstream publication encouraging whites to attack blacks.

In our culture it simply could not happen. Yet Brittney Cooper is given an MSM soapbox. She also teaches college. Salon Editorial Calls for More Black on White Violence (Moonbattery)

brittney-cooperBrittney Cooper has been designated an intellectual by the establishment.

 Fundamental Transformation: How the left appropriates “dignity”

‘Dignity’–New Verbal Weapon of the Left

The academic left has created a great deal of mischief by appropriating wholesome words for unwholesome ends. This game has been perfected with diversity, inclusion, social justice, and sustainability–all words that mean roughly the opposite of what they sound like.  Diversity on college campuses denotes both lockstep conformity on identity group politics and radical stereotyping of people by race.  Inclusion means excluding anyone who dissents from the prevailing orthodoxy.  Social justice often means overriding fundamental freedoms and individual rights to impose arbitrary rule by elite redistributionists. Sustainability means transferring authority to decide how to use our resources from the marketplace to ill-informed bureaucrats.

The latest entry in the topsy-turvy world of inverse semantics is the benign-sounding word, “dignity.”  Attorney General Eric Holder took the new buzzword out for a spin in a speech to the Swedish Parliament on February 4, in which he touted the United States’ commitment to the “dignity” of “every human being.”

  “Dignity” has emerged in the last few years as part of the ever-expanding vocabulary of the “diversity” movement.  The University of Illinois’s Diversity and Discrimination Policy tells us: “The University is committed to the fundamental principles of academic freedom, equality of opportunity, and human dignity.” – See more at: Minding the Campus  

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  1. When you think you need group-might-made-rights extortion to defend your own inherent “dignity” – you’ve completely lost your last shred of it.


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