"Highly qualified Muslim immigrants" and their culture of enrichment

“Just human” in Canuckistan

“We want to show to the world that [Islam] is not a bad religion. It’s not, like, terrorists; everybody thinks that but we are not. I’m like everybody in the world…..”

Just like everybody else–except for the supremacism written into Islam’s core texts, of course, and the fact that the vast majority of observant Muslims, whether they live in Canada or in, say, Saudi Arabia, take such teachings literally. A “feel good” story for easily-gulled infidels who know nothing–nothing!–about Islam. From the Ceeb, of course, thanks to Scaramouche:  Flower Power


Go Home, Muslims, Go Home!

  • Highly qualified Muslim immigrants face employment discrimination–“There is a crisis in the North African community because of the high unemployment,” he said. “Friends of mine from Algeria are so discouraged they are going home. Quebec has encouraged North Africans who speak French and have high education to come here, and then we find out we’re being rejected by employers. Many are warning others not to come here.”

A Mosque Is Not Just a “House of Prayer”, and the “Tiny Minority of Excremists” Story is Getting Old:

Mosques in Ballarat & Bunbury meet local resistance

Dr Ashraf said the association was determined to see the million-dollar project go ahead as it would make more people stay in Bunbury.    “A lot of Muslims have left the region in the past because there is no mosque here,” he said. 

Ted Nugent: 

Obama induced self-eradication:

To eradicate patriotism, our liberal rulers must prevent it from taking root in young minds. Good thing for them they run the government schools:

Students and parents who were interviewed about the story would only speak anonymously. The parents feared their children might face reprisals from liberal educators.

“It’s bizarre and idiotic that we’ve come to this crossroads in our society that we are having to sacrifice our own culture and belief system,” one of the parents told me. “I can’t even tell you how it got our blood boiling.” …

The way not to be exclusive is to be “inclusive.” The way to be inclusive is to exclude anything that liberals don’t like. This prominently includes anything patriotic.–Colorado High School Forbids Celebration of America (Moonbattery)


Obama’s MuBro Affiliation

Syrian News Agency: US Plane Lands in Jordan With Weapons for Rebel Sunni Terrorists Troops

us plane
SANA even included a photo of the plane.

The Obama administration has been supporting the rebel fighters over the Assad regime.
Syrian News Agency reported: (GWP)