Italians need sensitivity training to better accommodate Mohammedan cultural enrichers

Blazing Cat Fur:

Camp of Saints news from Italy: ‘Immigration has changed and laws should too’, says minister, plus we need remembrance day for drowned invaders

Behind this madness are a  Moroccan Italian (Muslim) an Arab Italian (Muslim)  and the African Italian Minister for Integration Cécile Kyenge, (Marxist, pictured) supported by the UN (OIC) and the Marxist/Stalinist led  EUSSR.


(ANSAmed) – ROME, FEBRUARY 4 – Three center-left MPs on Tuesday presented a bill to make October 3 a national day of remembrance for the victims of immigration.

Infidels mourning dead Muslim invaders? Does it get any more bizarre?

Changing perceptions of reality,  turning reality inside out and the facts on its head. The invaders  use guilt to make infidels open the floodgates, in order to dispatch them when their numbers increase. The outcome is predictable. The consequences will be horrific.

The bill introduced in November would commemorate October 3, 2013, when 368 migrants drowned off the coast of Italy’s Lampedusa island, which is the first landfall for people trying to reach Europe by boat from north Africa.

MPs Paolo Beni, Khalid Chaouki and Ermete Realacci, all from the ruling center-left Democratic Party (PD), introduced the bill after immigrants’ rights activists from the October 3 Committee submitted 25,000 signatures.

The idea is commemoration, but also to sensitize Italian public opinion to the need for a humanitarian welcome for those in distress. ”The October 3 shipwreck was on the front page at first, but now the issue has dropped off the radar” said Beni. Current immigration policies must change, he added.

”We must not give in to easy propaganda. We need to put immigration law reform and a law on political asylum squarely back on our 2014 agenda”.

Give us  your children, we’ll convert them to Islam:

At the same time, Italy needs widespread education campaigns in schools and other public arenas. ”Italy still does not have a protocol for dealing with refugee arrivals”, said October 3 Committee President Tarek Brhane. Political asylum seekers and women, who often suffer violence and abuse before reaching Italy’s shores, are especially penalized under the current system, he said.

No. They are bringing with them the system that made life unliveable in the countries they left. We must not allow them to establish that same system in our countries.

”The government is still not responding to the extent it had committed to doing”, said Chaouki, a Moroccan-Italian MP who famously spent Christmas barricaded inside a migrant holding center in Lampedusa until all the refugees were transferred out.

The interior ministry’s ”silence is deafening” on the degrading conditions in many other such centers throughout the country, Chaouki said. (ANSAmed)

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