How did universities become such a refuge for Marxists and wanna-be revolutionaries, soiling our reputation abroad?

Andrew Bolt:

Victoria University lecturer Max Lane, a Socialist Alternative member and recently on the executive council of the Revolutionary Socialist Party, tells the Jakarta Post our immigration minister is a pirate causing boat people to die:

(Red Ratbag) Lecturer makes Indonesians see red over Australia Lane’s  areas of expertise: Indonesian politics, modern history and politics of literature; Marxist political theory; Philippines and Singaporean politics. Max Lane  has worked in the ministry of foreign affairs, the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia and the Australian parliament. (You can’t make this shiite up.)

The Australian government denies outright and refuses to investigate allegations by some of the refugees …  that they had their hands held up against hot engine pipes [by Australian navy personnel] resulting in extensive burns. Others claimed they were kicked…. It is also reported that two refugees returned in the first lifeboat later … drowned trying to cross a river in the jungle…

I am not an expert in international law or law of the sea but the forcible seizure of other people’s boats, the detention of their crew (Indonesian citizens) and passengers (citizens of various countries), the forcible transfer of such people to other boats, and the coerced towing them to a destination not of their choice would all seem to amount to piracy…

Morally, however, it is quite clear that these are immoral, inhumane acts. Personally, I would like to see Immigration and Border Protection Minister, Scott Morrison and the puppet General doing his work charged with piracy and criminal negligence causing death.

How did universities become such a refuge for Marxists and wanna-be revolutionaries, soiling our reputation abroad?

Brazen bluster:

Indonesia calls in Australian ambassador Greg Moriarty to protest against ‘unacceptable’ escalation of boat policy

David Wroe and Daniel Flitton/Brisbane Times

Australian Ambassador Greg Moriarty with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott during his visit to Jakarta in October.Australian Ambassador Greg Moriarty, pictured with Prime Minister Tony Abbott, was called in for a meeting with Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa. Photo: AFP

Indonesia has stepped up its protests against the Abbott government’s border protection policies, hauling Australia’s ambassador to Jakarta into the foreign affairs ministry for a dressing down.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said he had told ambassador Greg Moriarty in a meeting this week that Australia’s use of lifeboats to return asylum seekers was an ”unacceptable” escalation of its border protection policy, Indonesian news magazine Tempo reported on its website.

Indonesian foreign minister Marty Natalegawa.Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa. Photo: AFP

The use of lifeboats has been a key development in Australia’s boat turnback policy – a policy Indonesia has vehemently opposed.

The purchase of about 12 of the sophisticated lifeboats is a way of neutralising the people smugglers’ tactic of deliberately scuttling their boats when Australian navy or Customs ships approached, leaving the Australians no choice but to rescue the asylum seekers from the water and take them to Christmas Island.

The Abbott government defended the use of boat turnbacks ahead of last September’s election by insisting they were only returning Indonesian-flagged and crewed boats that had departed from Indonesian ports.

Dr Natalegawa said the use of lifeboats represented a more serious violation of Australia’s commitments to the refugee convention than its previous policies. He said Australian ships should take the asylum seekers onboard for processing.

Meanwhile, Customs and Border Protection chief Mike Pezzullo has acknowledged there is a ”public interest” in releasing at least parts of a report into how Australian ships accidentally breached Indonesian territory.

With Mr Pezzullo and chief of the Defence David Hurley understood to be currently considering the report, the Customs chief refused on Thursday evening to guarantee any of it would be released.

”I’m not going to speculate on that. There are going to be elements of this – because it relates to Operation Sovereign Borders – that are covered by the public interest immunity claim,” he told the ABC.

But he added: ”There are going to be other matters that are in the public interest to discuss. That is to say: how did this inadvertent transgression occur? Why did it occur and what remedial action needs to be taken to ensure that it’s not going to occur again?”

The government has admitted that on several occasions – Fairfax Media understands it to be about five – in December and January, Royal Australian Navy and Customs ships inadvertently crossed the 12-mile limit into Indonesian territorial waters while carrying out border protection operations.

It is understood at least some of the operations were boat turnbacks.

The Abbott government apologised to Jakarta and ordered an inquiry into how the mistakes happened. Fairfax Media understands nothing is likely to be made public at least until the end of this month.

Mr Pezzullo said he was discussing with the government and Defence what if any changes needed to be made to border protection procedures.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Friday reiterated an apology for breaching Indonesian territory on Fairfax radio, saying the incursions were a ”serious mistake”.

”The Indonesians have accepted our apology, but it’s a serious mistake, it should have never have happened and as far as is humanly possible, we’ll ensure it never happens again,” Mr Abbott said.

Comment is being sought from Australia’s Foreign Affairs department on the meeting between Dr Natalegawa and Mr Moriarty.

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  1. I suppose Australia should just forget about keeping Riffraff out of the country. After all, Indonesia thinks it’s unacceptable that Australia enforces its country’s borders, and should instead throw them wide open to whomever wants to live there. . .

    We don’t want to anger the Indonesians, now do we? And what gives White people the right to keep their countries for their own kind? Jeez, the unmitigated gall!

  2. “How?” You ask HOW did this happen?!


    Because ALL academic educational faculties do nothing but sell alibi excuses for crimes; all idolatrously pretend that generalizations are new things which have different properties from their individual component parts, and that always leads directly to group-might-made-rights mob-rule criminal communist gangster extortion, that’s HOW!


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