Huron University Conducts Proselytising Courses For Muslims Only… With Taxpayers Money!

Huron University, a muslim only course and the woman who teaches it (thanks to Vlad Tepes)

Michael Coren interviews Tarek Fatah about the man expelled from a public university course for not being a muslim.

Here is Ingrid Mattson in her own words and here on what she was teaching not so long ago)

 Here is another expose on sister Mattson

Here is a course she taught in 2007 at Hartford

Here is the interview with the man who audited the course and was expelled for not being a muslim

Thank you CB very much for this material. More to come. This is no small thing. This is capitulation to the very kind of Islam that the weak-kneed apologists for islam, the ones who claim there is several kinds of Islam and only a tiny minority are violent and misunderstand their religion, well this is promoting those exact ‘few’ and at our expense in every way.