If Obama Had Set Out to Destroy America, What Would He Be Doing Differently?


Geraldo scolds O’Reilly: Shame on you for ‘minimizing’ Obama, stripping him of ‘his majesty’

Ambulance chaser Jerry Rivera must have been smoking that funny stuff again…..

Barkin’ mad:

Obama Lied With Every Word

… and then some. According to him, the only way to put out the fire is with more gasoline.


 Ann Coulter Asks If Obama Had Set Out to Destroy America, What Would He Be Doing Differently?

Usually I don’t have much time for Ann Coulter, but I think the question is more than aproppriate.

Rush Limbaugh:

Dem Strategist:

You Don’t Try to Impeach Someone Because ‘They’re Black In The White House’– no, you impeach when the bastards are Marxist Muslims destroying the U.S. from within.


Obamacare and the Imperial Government

It’s no shock to see commentators like Charles Krauthammer condemning the president’s usurpation of constitutional authority; Krauthammer rightly called Obama’s actions “stuff you do in a banana republic.”

Is Putin ‘Challenging’ Jihadists to ‘Come After Him’ in Sochi?

“They don’t want to give these guys trials … They want to eliminate them.”–Read More »

The Peoples  Cube have nailed it, unfortunately: (thanks to Ken from the Tundra Tabloids):


Egypt: U.S. Embassy official in contact with Muslim Brotherhood arrested

Obama buddies: if they’re not red hot commies, they are radical headbangers.

Barack Obama has been an indefatigable and unstinting supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, as well as of its proxies in the U.S. Thus it is not surprising that U.S. Embassy employees in Cairo would be Brotherhood allies as well. Obama was the target of vociferous criticism during the anti-Brotherhood demonstrations last summer for his uncritical support of the Brotherhood.

“US Embassy confirms one of its local employees detained,” by Rabab Fathy for Youm7 via the Cairo Post, February 11 (thanks to Joyce):

CAIRO: National Security arrested a local employee on Jan. 25 who works for the U.S. embassy in Cairo, the embassy confirmed Tuesday.

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