Keep hammering, Pete!

Seeger was a member of the Communist Party from the 1930s through the 1950s. He left the party but never gave up the faith. The leftist media buried  his history just like they buried that of Mandela.

He told the Washington Post in 1995 “I am still a communist.”

More annoying than Seeger’s dumb communism was his horrible music. Folk singers should be pinned to ant beds. (Tim Blair)

Adam Carolla mocks Pete Seeger

by  on Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

One more time:

Pete Seeger is dead, and the flowing tributes will tend to ignore his long and weaselly record of support for communism and Stalinists.

If I Had a Sickle

  •  Kathy Shaidle:  ‘just hand me a shovel so I can toss some dirt on the grave of that wicked old fool’

Here’s another self hating looney, a fellow traveler, who should be avoided like the plague:

Pull the Triggers Niggers we’re with you all the way by Joan Baez
Where is the outrage over  this?
I am certainly no fan of Joan Baez.  But I  couldn’t imagine that she did  get away with inciting  “niggers to pull the triggers”, (on white people, obviously.)  This is not about justice, this is class war, trying to use what they perceive to be a lesser race to do their dirty work. How stupid. How racist!

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