Rochdale (Musel-)man brings about changes to prison visitor search policy

Muselman changes prison culture, how good is that?

A Rochdale businessman and litigation officer has worked to change a policy at Buckley Hall Prison in regards to being searched.

201423_134727Mohammed Yousaf had heard complaints throughout the Muslim community regarding visitors to the prison being searched by dogs. He said: “If a Muslim is searched by a dog, they can feel awkward and will often want to have a shower and change their clothes because the animal is unclean.”

(Note the zebiba on Mohammed’s forehead. The dark bruise comes from banging his head on the floor five times a day and cursing the infidel sons of apes and swine.)

He has now contacted the prison directly and worked with them to change the policy regarding searches undertaken by dogs.

8 thoughts on “Rochdale (Musel-)man brings about changes to prison visitor search policy”

  1. I agree with Mohamed. Dogs are not the best choice. Pjgs have a far better sense of smell and are far more intelligent than dogs.

  2. Agreed Ciccio – however who let this muslim shit influence the Dept. of Corrections policy – some left wing PC ratbag!!!

  3. “searched” by dogs! wtf are they on about? are the dogs strolling round on their hind legs and going through their pockets,patting them down with their front paws?
    ” searching” them……..for f’s sake.

  4. Because of their delicate sensibilities dogs are unclean and cannot be used and western women need to stfu about the rapes because its ok in their filthy culture. My dog is cleaner than any muslim ive ever met and far less disgusting to look at.

  5. Infidels who are sniffed over by a dog for contraband do not feel unclean afterwards and do not feel the need for a shower. So effort should be placed on working out why muslim inmates have developed what can only be described as a neurosis. Authorities can then re-educate muslim inmates to relieve them of the results of their distorted thinking.

  6. It might be an idea to erect decontamination sprays for the handlers & dogs to spray down after coming into close proximity with muslim inmates and visitors – that would get the outraged screams of ‘islamophobia’ going.

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