Kumbaya Jews

Silly Jews. The Muslims didn’t come for the kumbaya. They came to spy:

Muslim leaders visit Sydney’s The Great Synagogue

Ten Muslim and Jewish leaders have toured Sydney’s The Great Synagogue. ( J-Wire)

JBD_96-610Sheikh Mohamed Khamis, Peter Wertheim AM, Vic Alhadeff, Sheikh Adid Alrubai, Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence, Jeremy Jones AM, Abdulla Rahhal, Nasser Alkhateeb, Lynda Ben-Menashe. Photo: Nadine Saaks

The Muslim delegation was from the office of The Grand Mufti of Australia and included Sheikh Mohamed Khamis, Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) NSW president; Sheikh Adid Alrubai, Grand Mufti representative and ANIC NSW member for West Sydney; Nasser Alkhateeb, QKRadio representative; and Abdulla Rahhal, legal adviser to the Grand Mufti. (continued below the fold)

In other news:

Will the Knesset have the courage to say ‘enough’?

Police clashed with ‘Palestinians’ on the Temple Mount once again Tuesday morning… as soon as the Mughrabi Gate leading to the Mount was opened.

Police clashed with dozens of Palestinian youths at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem who threw rocks and fireworks at them following the opening of the Mughrabi gate. Some of the men wore masks, according to police.

Three young men were arrested, while the rest were dispersed by a stun grenade thrown by police. According to Palestinian media, several of the youths were injured. The Israel Police said no Palestinians were injured.  (Carl in J’lem)

The tour was led by Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence. Hosting the guests along with Rabbi Lawrence and The Great Synagogue president Michael Gold were Executive Council of Australian Jewry executive director Peter Wertheim, ECAJ honorary life member Jeremy Jones, NSW Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Vic Alhadeff and Board Community Relations Manager Lynda Ben-Menashe.

The guests heard the history of the Great Synagogue and the NSW Jewish community and asked a number of questions, including about kashrut and local Jewish history. At lunch the group discussed topics including the size of the Jewish community worldwide, cultural commonalities and local media and politics. Further meetings are planned.


3 thoughts on “Kumbaya Jews”

  1. Silly Jews
    – You invited Muslim leaders (actually – the Chiefs of the Islam-muslim Criminal Gang in Australia) to visit Sydney’s The Great Synagogue ….
    My very high appraisal of the intelligence of JEWS has just ‘CLANG’ dropped AND now ‘POOOFF’ vanished.

    How could you Jews be so stupid as to allow “The Criminals of Islam” access to The Great Synagogue and then share intimate knowledge of Jewish History and statistics??

    Silly ????
    • Very Very Very Self Destructive.

    And THEN you Jews have invited the Islamic Criminals back – FWARCK !!!!!

  2. john,
    Not all Jews back what you see above. Those so called leaders of the Jewish community are nothing but the equivalent of the Kapos of WW2 concentration camps.

    There are some today that would fight just as hard as the men and woman of the Polish ghetto uprising did, I certainly know I would. My family certainly do not buy any of this co existence (destruction) crap!

  3. Ironside,
    Fighting should NOT be necessary – fix the problem NOW, is the point of my comment about these ‘leaders‘ of the Jewish community who are doing real damage to their Jewish community and also Australia – and (knowingly) assisting Islam’s goal of Caliphation of the World – and “Those so called leaders of the Jewish community” should be stopped from doing more damage – forthwith.
    This is definitely NOT Rocket Science.

    This observation also applies to the Public and Private Officials of Australia – both elected appointed and Businesses – who continue to Assist and Enable Islam in its invasion by immigration of Australia – which includes the illegal criminal and absolutely unnecessary halal certification – halal meat is unclean and a health hazard to non-muslims – and is to be avoided at all costs.

    Also – African economic migrants (with their unwarranted ‘Entitlement’ attitudes) also needs to be reviewed – thanks krudd/Ju’Liar/krudd – so why did Australia’s forefathers create the White Australia policy again – then why did they abolish it? – and should they have left aspects intact? These Africans are the same mix that want to kill Whitey living in Africa – Here they just want to kill them in Australia – Africans for Australia – could well be worse than the Islam-muslim scourge.

    why do some want African-Australians – look how well African-Americans have worked for the Good Olde US of A! – there is a huge difference in the cultures – Africans are ancestor worshippers historically – and THAT means nasty! – Islam-muslims were and are African slave traders.

    But all is explained when it is realised that there is an AWFUL LOT of money to be gained by all these Assisters/Enablers – be they either elected appointed or Business oriented – but only in the short-term.

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