Telling the truth about Islam 'causes harm' to the Mohammedan expansion project

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Blasphemy returns to Britain


In 2008, Britain repealed its blasphemy laws. In 2014, they’re back. Blasphemy has not been reintroduced by legislation, or democratic will; instead, it has returned via a distinctly sinister route. It applies overwhelmingly to one particular religion, and its penalty is severe.–UK: free expression is fine, provided it doesn’t offend Muselmaniacs

Who Is to Blame for “Islamophobia” in the UK?

Mudar Zahran seems to believe that “Islamophobia” is real. (We must reject that.)

As a Muslim living in the UK, I have come to believe that we Muslims are the main source of “Islamophobia” — by the evil and disturbing acts of some Muslims, and above all by the silence of the majority regarding those acts.

Apostates must be killed. For Muselmaniacs, they are traitors:

Muslims in the Czech Republic are trying to have the book Islam and Islamism by Lukáš Lhoťan, a former Muslim, now an apostate from Islam, banned, weekly Týden writes today.

Islam and Islamism, released in 2011, describes Czech Muslims’ extremism, but representatives of the mosques in Prague and Brno say the book promotes hatred, Týden writes.

The book says Muslims abuse the ideology of multiculturalism to infiltrate Czech schools, and they do not only deliver innocent lectures there but recruit converts and perhaps new jihad fighters.

After spending 12 years among Muslims in Brno, Lhoťan abandoned Islam, Týden writes. Now he has published the documents from the Brno mosque both in his book and on his webpage,

He makes his living from doing harm,” Muneeb Hassan Alrawi, head of the Muslim community in Brno.

Beware the cries of victimhood:

Former Guantanamo inmate Moazzam Begg among four arrested as homes are searched in Birmingham over Syria terror offences


  • Moazzam Begg was held at Guantanamo Bay for two years before release
  • He has been campaigning for those who are ‘unfairly targeted’ by the war on terror in recent years and is director of Cageprisoners
  • Police say Begg was arrested but add naming him ‘does not imply any guilt’
  • A man aged 45, a 44-year-old woman and her son, 20, were also held today
  • Officers say the early morning raids were ‘pre-planned and intelligence led’

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Islamists have been successful in building the Islamophobia industry:

The Real Agenda Behind the Push for “Islamophobia”

…. it diverts attention from activities they would probably prefer not be noticed, such promoting sharia law in the West, stealth jihad and a push to implement a global Islamic Caliphate, among many others. … (by Raheel Raza, thanks to Mullah, pbuh)