Who is to blame for Manus Island riot?

Morrison claims he was misled: detainees injured inside Manus centre

There is no doubt the PNG riot police, who typically wade into Highland tribal skirmishes, or hunt killers and rapists, felt confronted and insulted as they dealt with something completely foreign to them: outraged asylum-seekers soldiers of allah yelling insults about their country and burning their national flag.
The riot police were joined in repelling or quelling the rioters by local unarmed guards working for G4S, the security contractor employed by Australia’s Immigration Department to work the internal security of the compound.

The left is determined to hand the  country over to Mohammedan control  rather than see the coalition stop the boats.

Latest update:

The riot shows Manus should be better run, not necessarily closed

IMMIGRATION Minister Scott Morrison has refused to rule out shutting down the Manus Island detention centre as a damning new report warns Australia is failing in its “duty of care” to detainees in offshore processing centres. 

Andrew Bolt:

Morrison claims he was misled: detainees injured inside Manus centre

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison admits he was misled about the Manus Island riot – misled, I’d add, in a very serious way:

I wish to confirm that contrary to initial reports received, I have received further information that indicates that the majority of the riotous behaviour that occurred, and the response to that behaviour to restore order to the centre, took place within the perimeter of the centre.

As advised on the afternoon of Tuesday February 18, I indicated that I had received further information which meant that I could no longer confirm that the deceased man sustained his injuries outside the centre. The further information I have now received casts further doubt on the initial advice that his injuries were sustained outside the centre.

I find it hard to believe that whoever assured Morrison or his staff that most injuries were suffered outside the centre was not lying. It’s no longer possible to believe other assurances now, including claims there was no evidence of anyone having their throat cut.

My confidence in the information given to date by the Government on this riot is now extremely low.

There is now an independent investigation, but I’d like some interim signs that the guilty are being removed and any suspect staff urgently replaced.

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