Ukraine vs Russia?


A Ukrainian sniper is forced to kneel at a memorial to those killed by the likes of him during the recent protests.


16 Lenin monuments went down just today all around Ukraine

While the atmosphere in Kiev remained tense, protesters in cities throughout Ukraine pulled down statues of Vladimir Lenin, which are seen as symbols of Moscow’s rule over the ... More

‘They are fallin’: Monuments to Vladimir Lenin do forced faceplants in Ukraine

The wheels are coming  came off in the Ukraine, where after millions were killed by Stalin during the Holodomor people are understandably sick of Russians and their proxies domineering them. As of last night:

Lenin statues toppled in protest

Al BeBeeBeeCeera leftards are too embarrassed to report it. So far we know of at least 16, while BBC reports only on one.


Ukrainian president flees, but this fight is not over

Andrew Bolt

The Opposition seizes power in Ukraine in a conflict that could set East against West – and tear the country in two:

President Viktor F. Yanukovych fled Kiev on Saturday to denounce what he called a violent coup, as his official residence, his vast, colonnaded office complex and other once impregnable centers of power fell without a fight to throngs of joyous citizens…

While Mr. Yanukovych’s nemesis, former Prime Minister Yulia V. Tymoshenko, was released from a penitentiary hospital, Parliament found the president unable to fulfill his duties and exercised its constitutional powers to set an election for May 25 to select his replacement. But with both Mr. Yanukovych and his Russian patrons speaking of a “coup” carried out by “bandits” and “hooligans,” it was far from clear that the day’s lightning-quick events would be the last act in a struggle that has not just convulsed Ukraine but expanded into an East-West confrontation reminiscent of the Cold War…

A pugnacious Mr. Yanukovych appeared on television Saturday afternoon, apparently from the eastern city of Kharkiv, near Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia, saying he had been forced to leave the capital because of a “coup,”…

“I don’t plan to leave the country. I don’t plan to resign,” he said, speaking in Russian rather than Ukrainian, the country’s official language….

Regional governors from eastern Ukraine met in Kharkiv and adopted a resolution resisting the authority of Parliament….

Mr. Yanukovych said in his television appearance that he would be traveling to the southeastern part of Ukraine to talk to his supporters — a plan that carried potentially ominous overtones, in that the southeast is the location of the Crimea, the historically Russian section of the country that is the site of a Russian naval base.

‘Still thousands in Kiev square’

Anti-government protesters guarding the doors to the presidential offices

VIDEO 1:28

Kiev presidential office ‘abandoned’

22 February 2014

Eugenia Tymoshenko

VIDEO 1:09

Tymoshenko daughter: ‘Step to freedom’

21 February 2014

Riot police outside parliament on Friday and 'self defence' guards outside on Saturday

VIDEO 0:40

Ukraine parliament guarded by citizens

22 February 2014

Yulia Tymoshenko

VIDEO 3:08

Ukraine’s historic day of revolution

41 minutes ago

People walking around the grounds of Mr Yanukovych's house

VIDEO 1:39

Crowds descend on Yanukovych house

The Second Half

If only today’s hyperpoliticized “mainstream” media had been around in Stalin’s time, FDR’s Uncle Joe might have been remembered more fondly. Walter Duranty, who won a Pulitzer for the New York Times by covering up the Holodomor in order to advance communism, was downright fair & balanced compared to the hard left apparatchiks who put and keep Obama in power. Evensportscasters spew moonbat rhetoric.

Stalin Costas

Compliments of Red State. (Moonbattery)

4 thoughts on “Ukraine vs Russia?”

  1. The problem with Russia is that it sees Ukraine as their country (Finland too) and part of the Russian empire. It is not, nor will it ever be.

    In this manner of thinking, the Russians took a country forcibly once in the past and think it is still theirs in the present. Despite, being rejected, a different language and alphabet. They are like the Muslims.

    The Ukraine and Ukrainians do not want Russia or to be Russian.

    Too bad the Crimea is too strategic to the Russians this will make it bloody mess.

  2. Hill, the problem is that a sizable portion of the Ukrainian population want to stay in close economic partnership with Russia. I would not associate Russia’s behavior with muslim behaviour, unless you mean that the political system (socialism) which pervades the region is like the poison of islam. This comparison has been made before and it is easy to provide compelling arguments to support the thesis. The Ukrainian/Russians will resolve this situation because they are intelligent and there are ways out of stepping out of the blinkered mindset of socialist thinking that intelligent people (not the thug that stole a seat in the White House) will figure out. The same however cannot be said for muslims and islam. Just my two cents 🙂

  3. Apologies kaw,

    I missed your reply the first time around.

    I was not referring to the shared “political system (socialism) which pervades the region is like the poison of islam,” although there is that parallel too. I was referring to the thinking and the belief that is pervasive in many a Russian thought that former occupied territories, like the Ukraine and Finland are still theirs (Russian) and will be eventually returned to Russia in the future. It is the misbelief that a land your ancestors once (forcibly) occupied still belongs to you in someway is the commonality that the Russians and Muslims both share that I am referencing.

    As for a sizable number of Ukrainians who want an economic relationship with Russia, one would think that there are several million (the Holodomor) reasons that would give them caution or a pause to support a partnership with Russia. Nor I am advocating the EU, I understand why many Ukrainians would see a potential future within the EU. The reality is, Russia and Putin represent Old Soviet Communism, Putin is the last Caesar of the Soviet empire…Good Riddance to bad rubbish!!! History has revealed just how vile, hideous and wicked Soviet Communism was. Not to mention as you likely know, that there is not one person across the entire former Soviet empire who had not been personally touched by the cruelty of Communism in one way or the other.

    …….Old Communist versus the New Communists.

    And than there is the EU, the NeoCommunist in Brussels. Hmmm. Who to hate more!!??? Both are hateful, but it is the NeoCommunist who deserve the most CONTEMPT as they are not without the foreknowledge of what has come out of this failed ideology recently and in the recent past. But, I guess, now we know what the spoilt hippies and 68’ers would grow up to become. The reality is these bastards, have never had their ideology shattered by reality and as a reminder it was later revealed that many of them were (traitorous) and already in the pay of the Kremlin via Unions, journalists and periodicals.

    I am not talking about the newer Eastern European members, I am talking about the Western Europeans, they should know better. It is the arrogance, the hubris that “they” will be the ones to create the utopian, the summum bonum.

    Coddled Westerners with a leftist, communist sympathies are incredibly dangerous for the rest of us.

    The Bastards, it’s unforgivable.

  4. Sheik,

    My post is missing, could you please find.

    I would like to reply to kaw.


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