”Of course it will work, it is working…”

(Bolta & Blair)

Its astonishing that so many Labor MPs, Greens and journalists claimed  it wouldn’t work.

It works.

People smuggler admits what Labor and its allies wouldn’t

How do you know that the ABC is out of control?

When its boss simply attacks its critics. 

An ABC boss who can’t see the  problem is the problem.

In a free society, it is not  for the government to run radio/TV stations.

Abolish the ABC.

Paul Sheehan  of Fairfax’s Sydney Morning Herald:

…the ABC has been worse than dull. It chose to knowingly damage Australia’s relationship with Indonesia by publishing Edward Snowden’s leaks of Australian spying in Indonesia. It then chose to knowingly damage Australia’s reputation in Asia by running for an entire week with accusations of torture by Australian navy personnel, despite not having a shred of corroborating evidence, and despite a super-abundant pattern of false claims made by asylum seekers who have destroyed documents, scuttled ships and claimed abuse…

The problem with the ABC over the asylum-seeker issue runs far deeper than bias.

The ABC has been unhinged by the issue. It is obsessional….


…after all the trouble we went to

The Senate Inquisition on Scott Morrison’s success in stopping the boats should have been compulsory viewing for all Australians. It was rare television entertainment (but far from funny) as the deep schism between unrepresentative, un-Australian swill and representative competence was on display for all to see.