Obscure Human Rights Org Blames Burmese Gov't For 'Crimes Against Humanity'

Only Muslims are human, resistance to the spread of Islam is a crime against humanity. Buddhists are idol worshippers who must be eradicated, all infidels are sons of apes and swine. Same old BS, 24/7. When Muslims murder infidels, they are just doing their religious duty.


A human rights organization claims abuses against Rohingya Muslims had basis in official policies.

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Myanmar state and central government officials have committed crimes against humanity, according to a report by a South-east Asia-based human rights organization released Tuesday.

Fortify Rights’ report ‘Myanmar: Abolish Abusive Restrictions & Practices Against Rohingya Muslims,’ published leaked documents that allegedly show the state’s involvement in the persecution of the Rohingya minority.

The report highlights human rights violations, including restrictions on freedom of movement, marriage and childbirth.

The organization’s executive director, Matthew Smith, said: “The impacts of these restrictions are severe and have been well-documented for decades, but the official orders have been kept out of the public domain until now.”

“This architecture of abuse contributes to political instability and violence and must be lifted immediately,” he said.

Never. Matthew Smith should go and pound sand in Soddy Barbaria.

Greek Cypriot archbishop warns Turks over peace talks

Greek Cypriot archbishop warns Turks over peace talks

Greek Cypriot archbishop Chrysostomos II

Expressing the stance of the Orthodox church on the negotiations, Greek Cypriot archbishop Chrysostomos II said that Greek Cypriots were giving Turkish Cypriots another chance to live together, but this would only be possible under certain conditions.

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Greek Cypriot archbishop Chrysostomos II has warned Turkey about referring to Cyprus as two separate states.

The archbishop, who as the head of the Orthodox church in the Greek Cypriot-controlled southern Cyprus carries significant political influence, warned that such talk could veer the ongoing peace talks off-track.

Speaking to the Greek Cypriot Alithia newspaper, Chrysostomos said that a federation does not mean two separate states.

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  1. Bit Like India divided into India and Pakistan, because Muslims in India wanted their own pure state.Some how not all Muslims moved to Pakistan at that time.

    Well, Pakistan is now the center of terrorism,that is how pure it is.

    Solution , move all the Turkish Cypriots to Turkey?

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