Fisk, Farraklown, Code Pink and a 2nd Amendment For the Ukrainians

Nice try. But that will never get them into the EUSSR:

Ukrainian Citizens Demand Their Own Second Amendment in Constitution

Under the Tsar, Russia was one of the most heavily armed societies on earth. That all changed when Stalin and the communists took control.  Stalin was able to control, starve, punish and imprison a defenseless people… after he took their guns. (Zinnfigur)


Code Pink Kaputniks Says al Qaeda Terrorists No Different than Poor U.S. Street Gang Kids (GWP)


These bitches are dumb:

“…those actually targeted by drones and labeled as ‘militants’ are usually young people who join organizations like Al Qaeda because they don’t have much and have run out of options….”


The fantasy world of Robert Fisk

Fisk is a guy who spent many years in the Middle East without ever learning a thing about Islam.

Pluralism was once the hallmark of the Arab world, so the exodus of Christians from the Middle East is painful to one Islamic scholar:  ‘It is a tragedy and a blow to the basic pride of Arab Islamic civilisation’

“Arab Islamic civilisation?”  Would be nice if there was one.

Nation of Islam head: ‘I don’t hate Jewish people’

He just wants to kill us all. And all the cracker babies in their cribs. And then some….

Louis Farrakhan denies charges of anti-Semitism, compares himself to Henry Ford — ‘a great man who was called an anti-Semite’…

Well, whatever Ford was, he wasn’t a useless putz like Louis Farraklown.

3 thoughts on “Fisk, Farraklown, Code Pink and a 2nd Amendment For the Ukrainians”

  1. “Well, whatever Ford was, he wasn’t a useless putz like Louis Farraklown.”

    well, whatever and however you say it ,it is usually spot on!

    “useless putz ”

    Oh come on be kind to him. Didn’t he organised the million man march some time back?

  2. not only are the bitches dumb they are ugly and probably need to have s–
    more often so they take their pent up frustration out on supporting terrorists …..

  3. I can not stand bleeding hearts, they are incredibly dangerous for the rest of us.

    And the Code Pinkos should redistribute all their wealth and get a job helping the poor US street gangs they articulated (a phony) concern about. Put your money where your mouths are Bitches.

    One can only hope that sooner or later, when their usefulness has waned, they become a lovable target of Al Qeada.

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