What kind of apology is this?

An ABC apology as unbelievable as the “torture:”

After going out on a limb to support fraudulent asylum seekers  the ABC is (finally)  forced to back off:

We regret if our reporting led anyone to mistakenly assume that the ABC supported the asylum seekers’ claims.

The ABC unequivocally supported the asylum seekers claims, thats an established fact.

 The ABC has always presented the allegations as just that – claims worthy of further investigation.’’

Yeah, how could anyone  “mistakenly assume that the ABC supported the asylum seekers’ claims” when they clearly did just that.

“The ABC instinctively takes everyone’s side but Australia’s”…

That’s a fact.

The ABC’s priorities

Andrew Bolt:  The ABC, which refused to report Climategate or a police raid on Julia Gillard’s former law offices under a warrant naming her, finds a story far more suited to its taste.

And so it continues:

Wackademic tosser: only conservatives would say ABC is biased

A startling non sequitur from Age columnist Sally Young, a Melbourne University associate professor of political science:

The ABC and universities are two consistent targets for conservative criticism in Australia. But this is puzzling because conservatives are big users of both.

Academic Sally Young is mystified why Australians do not connect with a Prime Minister who has cheated them, lied to them, patronised them, set them at each other’s throat, squandered billions of their taxes and now reaches for their super.

Sinclair Davidson wonders why we have a state-funded ABC: 

…public broadcasters facilitate the diversion of public resources to political elites and narrow interest groups or distort and manipulate information to benefit and entrench those elites.


How about a sorry to our navy?

“We regret if our reporting led anyone to mistakenly assume that the ABC supported the asylum seekers’ claims,” a joint statement by the news organisation’s managing director, Mark Scott, and director of news Kate Torney.

No. This. will. not. do. These SOB’s must be given the shoe!

The ABC has hit rock bottom:

ABC gets advice from Murdoch man

As if that wasn’t bad enough, “our” crusty ABC also buys the news it feeds us from al Jizz and al BeBeeCeera…..