'Backlash' in Nigeria: 270 Boko Haram Headbangers Meet Virgins

Nigerian forces killed 207 Boko Haram rebels jihadists

At least 207 rebels  jihad apes were reportedly killed on Friday by the military and vigilantes who massed out to challenge Boko Haram fighters in Maiduguri, the capital of Nigeria’s north-eastern Borno State.

“In our area, Jiddari-Polo, we counted up to 207 corpses of the insurgents and the figure could be higher because more were pursued into the bush and killed,”Abdullahi Kazaure, a member of a vigilante group helping the army in its fight against Boko Haram popularly known as civilian Joint Task Force, told reporters.


Angry residents kill 59 attackers

Residents of Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, pursued and killed 59 Boko Haram gunmen in Maiduguri after security forces repelled an attack on the city by the terrorist group.–War in Maiduguri: Airforce rains bombs on Boko Haram

Morocco pretends to do something against Islamic terrorism

Moroccan law enforcement authorities on Friday announced the capture of a “terrorist cell” with help from their Spanish counterparts.


Venezuela Commie Despots  Murder Dissidents, Blame Kerry

Venezuela’s foreign minister lambasted U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday as a “murderer” fomenting unrest that has killed 28 people in the South American OPEC member nation.

Success in Iraq: The Surge Worked

Iraq law would allow 9-year-old girls to marry (Associated Press)


Christians In Iran  

In Syria, the Alawite despotism protects the Christians, and Alawite bigshots rely on Armenian drivers to chauffeur them around. They can trust the Christians. Saddam Hussein did the same — his household staff, his cleaners and cooks — were Christian, and the Americans in the Green Zone inherited that staff but never thought to wonder about what it meant.

In Iran, Christians have fared badly, as they do in all Muslim lands, but not, until recently, as badly as they have in Sunni lands. Shah Abbas II even invited Armenians to found a town, New Julfa, in order, as he saw it, to increase economic activiy (the same consideration which several centuries later led the dictator Trujillo to give refuge to 30,000 German Jews, so that they might help the local economy).

But those who are clearly identifiable as having been born into, as naturally part of, Christianity — Armenians and Assyrians — are not regarded as a threat to the amour-propre and rule by Muslims as are converts to Christianity from Islam. This is, in Islam, a capital offense, according to the Shari’a. And the Islamic Republic of Iran is more like its Sunni enemies in its harshness than the Iran not only of its predecessor, ruled by the Swiss-educated, secularizing Shah, who however was less intelligent and less ruthless than Ataturk, and certainly less systematic, in his attempts to constrain or tame Islam.

The Islamic Republic of Iran takes its Islam straight up, not on the rocks, not diluted by time and the practice of tacit accomodation with  life as it needs to be lived. Here is a description,  of how Christian converts from Islam are treated in the Islamic Republic of Iran today, under Rouhani the Reformer. For those seeking to leave Islam but needing to assume some easily-recognizable plausible identity or “identity” (the unclassifiable individual being an intolerable threat to a certain kind of mind), and living in Iran, perhaps Zoroastrianism is a safer bet. It might appeal to the national pride that dilutes the hold of Islam, a faith with a certifiably pre-Islamic and Persian pedigree. Any port in a storm.