Muslims experience "backlash" in the Central African Republic

Needless to mention that al Jizz portrays the Muselmaniacs as victims.


While the lamestream Media highlights the “ethnic cleansing” of Muslims in the Central African Republic, the plight of martyred Christians in CAR goes almost uncovered as news networks report on the atrocities.

Muslim-attack-macheteWhen nearly 1,000 Christians were slaughtered in just two days, the media fell silent and Muslims in the CAR capital of Bangui ran rampant, patrolling neighborhoods for unsuspecting victims, which was not exclusive of women and children. (Free Patriot)

Muslims flee attacks in CAR amid chaos

Scenes of mayhem as Muslims terrified of anti-Balaka Christian militia scramble to board convey heading for Cameroon.

There have been chaotic scenes in the Central African Republic after Muslims refugees tried to join a convoy of trucks heading to Cameroon.

The people in Boali, a town located 90km north of the capital Bangui, are fleeing Christian militias that have been attacking their communities.

The World Food Programme says 150,000 Muslims have now left the country.

Al Jazeera’s Tania Page reports from Boali.

Muslims fleeing to Cameroon is no solution either; Cameroonians will be faced with the same problems (jihad) once the Muslims establish themselves.

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  2. Oh No – shouldn’t let them flee!

    Why not?
    For the same reason Allied pilots parachuting from their downed aircraft during the second world war were eventually being shot to death by Axis pilots!

    A Thing To be Remembered
    Islam is Islam AND a muslim is a muslim (ie a submitter is a submitter) ….
    • (There are
    no other type of Islam OR muslim!)
    • (All muslims use the same “Life” Instruction Manuals!)
    • (All muslims are controlled (if not willingly – then through fear – but still their choice) by their own Islam Police)

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