Obama Calls Russia's Invasion of Ukraine "Uncontested Arrival"

Obama-UkraineAdd this to the long list of insults like “overseas contingency operations”, “man made disasters”, “kinetic action”, “folks who need lawyers” (Gitmo apes) and a whole lot of things that would make a crow blush. The Manchurian Moonbat is always following the Alinsky game plan, making a mockery of everything. Here he reminds us again to see the world not as it its, but to see it “as we would like it to be”.

CNN: Obama Says Russia Hasn’t Invaded Ukraine, Just Staged An ‘Uncontested Arrival’ (PD)

Ukraine has put its armed forces on full combat alert and warned Moscow that military intervention will lead to war after the upper house of Russia’s parliament gave President Vladimir Putin the authority to invade.

After a more than three-hour meeting with security and defence chiefs, Oleksander Turchinov, Ukraine’s interim president, said there was no justification for what he called Russian aggression against his country.

Turchinov said that authorities had boosted security around the country’s nuclear facilities, airports and other “strategic facilities”.

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