PuffHo Takes (another) Dump On Seal Team Six: Killing of Bin Laden Was "Savagery" and "Self-Indulgence"

Treason Plain and Simple

Instead of focussing on who killed them, the enemedia portrays them as “self-indulgent savages”.

Here’s a reminder: Congress has launched an investigation of the helicopter crash that killed 30 Americans in Afghanistan, including members of the Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6 unit. So far, nothing has come of it.

“This is a scandal even greater than Benghazi. There we lost four valued American lives; here we sacrificed 30 American soldiers. The big question is were these brave Americans sold out by the Afghani government as payment to the Taliban for the death of bin Laden?”

How Obama Cheerleaders Insult Our Dead Heroes:

During a ceremony at Bagram Air Base for the 38 killed, the deceased Afghan soldiers were loaded onto planes with the bodies of the U.S. forces. An imam spoke an Islamic prayer that included language on U.S. soldiers burning in hell.

The families later used translators to find out what the imam had said.

Osama bin Laden

Obama’s  cheerleaders from the enemedia are engaged not only in treason, but also in destroying morale of of our fighting men. They are spreading enemy propaganda:

Initial reports claimed two shots were fired to kill bin Laden. While that number climbed in later reports, the claims of “over a hundred bullets” would suggest a level of savagery and, as SOFREP puts it, “self-indulgence” not admitted in prior accounts of the operation. SOFREP notes these actions would violate the Laws of Land Warfareand build on a disturbing trend of alarmingly brutal military behavior that includes graphic evidence of U.S. troops burning and urinating on slain enemy combatants.

U.S. Troops Unloaded ‘Over A Hundred Bullets’ Into Osama Bin Laden’s Dead Body, Sources Claim

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4 thoughts on “PuffHo Takes (another) Dump On Seal Team Six: Killing of Bin Laden Was "Savagery" and "Self-Indulgence"”

  1. Please? If Puffho has a problem then go after Obama the head of the military.

    Seal Team Six are not some rogue group acting arbitrarily they had a target that came from the highest military leader in the US, the POTUS, and thus were following orders.

    The Left are such cowards.

  2. Hill,
    Read the comments from PuffHo readers!! Largely ignorant, self-serving, and pointless. One left winger even decided to insult a contributor who appears to have served in the military and who pointed out that highly prossional and motivated soldiers do not behave in the mannr imagined by the left wing morons. If anything, the left wing scriblings are simply self projetion.

  3. @kaw,

    My time is too precious to spend reading the dribble of the sanctimonious and the cowardly. Especially, those who should be held in contempt for hypocritically sneering at the (police) and soldiers, then have the nerve to run to them in a time of crisis and need. So, I really can’t be bothered.

    If the corruption of the governing elite continues, eventually there will be a Civil War in America just like in Europe, the Left are cowards and will only fight if they can use thugs, masks, hit in run tactics and large numbers swells against the few, as we have seen in the Occupied movement. Their fearlessness comes from knowing that they will be protected by the very people they loath. So what is the left (no pun intended)? Union thugs? Hired mercenaries? Foreign armies?

    My faith in the American solider is unshakable.

    With all the top brass being purged in the US military, one wonders will there be another Katyn massacre in the future?

    And the solider is correct, American soldiers are “highly prossional and motivated soldiers,” but what would any pansy Leftist know about that?

  4. What makes me laugh about these soft c-cks whining about how many bullets ripped into Binny. For a moment cast your minds back to the Iranian Embassy siege, Princes Gate, London. Top of my head I think it was 1981. One of the terrorists that was being passed down the stairs had a grenade. SAS members unloaded their MP5’s into this piece of trash the coroner stopped counting the bullets at 80, but there were many many more…..

    Not a moan or cry to what happened to that dirt bag yet so many a*** kissers whinge about Binny? I don’t get it.

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