Rape in Islam

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Chechen president to dedicate huge mosque outside Jerusalem

Israel-bound Ramzan Kadyrov, whose government was main funder of new Abu Ghosh ‘mosque of peace,’ is a strong Putin supporter (Of course he is, Putin put him in power. But that still doesn’t mean Putin can count on his loyalty….)

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown fishes another steaming turd out of the  taqyiyya sewers:

The Muslims are Coming! by Arun Kundnani, book review: Nothing to fear but Islam itself

Imam Luqman, suspected of advocating insurrections was not tried but shot dead by FBI agents in Detroit. This is the new wild west, cowboy justice. The UK incarcerates Muslims without any legal process.

 Our human rights have been snatched; we are watched, hundreds of thousands of our people tortured and murdered by western states or their Muslim stooges. In the “war on terror” anything goes. (Why is Alibhai-Brown, this excrement in human form, allowed to live in the UK when Spencer and Geller are barred from entering?)

Albania arrests two imams who recruited Muslims for Syrian jihad

Albania arrests two imams who recruited Muslims for Syrian jihad


These are imams. They are teachers of Islam, and devout Muslims. They have dedicated their lives to understanding Islam and teaching it to others. How did they come to hold the idea that jihad involved violence against unbelievers — an idea that we are constantly told in the West is something that only greasy Islamophobes […] Continue Reading »

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  1. Get the scribblings of a two year old child – and then spend twenty years trying to put deep philosphical meaning to it. That is what all imams do, but with considerably less up top than the two year old who authored the scribble in the first case!

  2. I know what would put an end to these parasitic predators, physical castration. No general anesthetic just a nice razor blade I bet you’d see a quick turnaround in their behaviour.

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