Allah Gang in Brisbane, Australia: Trust us. Stop the surveillance. Don't suspect us. Trust us!

In Brisbane, Australia, Allah Gang

by Christina McIntosh


And while they are busy blaming the Infidels for upsetting Muslims and making them Go Jihad, they are also busy redirecting young Musilm men, and any likely-looking Infidel men they can recruit, away from mere local nonideological gangs and into the ranks of the biggest and oldest Gang of all, the Allah Gang, the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob.  I don’t think the ABC’s Mark Solomons has the faintest idea what he is dealing with, here.

“Islamic Outreach Group ‘Ummah United” Says ASIO Risks Radicalising Young Muslims In Need of Mentors.”

In other words: resisting Jihad – by trying to keep a wary eye on Muslims who appear likely to Go Jihad - causes Jihad. Riiiiight. – CM

It was the “gangster feel” of Muslim outreach (sic: da’wa? – CM) organisation Ummah United that caught the eye of Tayyab Khan.

And that, in itself, is very, very revealing. How revealing, I don’t think the ABC and its reporter/s have any idea. – CM

‘The young Logan man (Logan is a south-eastern suburb of Australia’s third largest city, Brisbane, capital of the state of Queensland – CM) liked its ideals of brotherhood, sticking up for each other no matter what, and its image, the menacing black hoodies and T-shirts with their crossed-swords emblem.

In Londonistan, the despicable Yasmin Alibhai-Brown takes Mohammedan grievance-mongering to a new level; in the Muselmanic Independent she praises a pamphlet by Islamofascist Arun Kundnani and finds “relief to have an intelligent counter-narrative”.


Crossed swords…like the Saudi flag.  As for “brotherhood”…we can see how that’s working out for Muslims right now, all over the dar al Islam, like in Egypt, and Syria, and Iraq, and Afghanistan and Pakistan and, well, I think we get the idea…- CM

Deliberately pitched to attract disaffected young men who might slip into the grip of street gangs (and thus wastefully dissipate their energy rather than putting it at the disposal of those who give orders in the main game, the grand campaign to achieve Total World Domination for the members of the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob, the Empire of Islam? – CM) it was a high-risk strategy on the part of Ummah United.

Not, perhaps, in the way that the reporter is putting it.  Because any Infidel who, like me, knows even a little bit about the texts and historical track record of Islam is not the least bit reassured upon seeing a declared Muslim entity like this engaging in a recruitment drive aimed at …street thugs.  Because the message to those petty thugs is this: “don’t waste your time in a mere street gang…join the Army of Islam!” – CM

That attracted me“, Mr Khan said.  “Yeah. That aggressive feeling”.

I hope that the police, ASIO and AFP are keeping an eye on him.  – CM

‘Rather than reinforce what he calls his previous “bad habits” Mr Khan says Ummah United steered him away from the street gang lifestyle he once had.

Nah, all that’s happened is that he’s exchanged one gang  for another Gang, a Super-Gang that is much, much bigger and older and orders of magnitude more destructive and violent.  CM

“It’s the same as hanging out with my boys from back in the day, but it’s clean, it’s a clean environment”, he said, surrounded by other men from the group who have met to share snacks and gossip at a Lebanese cafe.

“Clean”.  Let’s just bear in mind that in Islamspeak ‘clean’ = Islamic, sharia-compliant; ‘dirty’, on the other hand = Infidels and all their works and days, everything they do and everything they are.  You and I, dear non-Muslim reader, are filthy; we are najis kuffar, dirty infidels. And that is the POV of normative Islam. – CM

“We speak about religion (that is, about the deen, the Cult, the System, the Total Way of Life, Islam – CM), we speak about good things (that is: about what is Islamically Permitted; and let’s not forget that ‘marriage” to under-age girls, wife-beating, polygyny, and the seizure and enslavement – as sex-slaves – of Infidel girls and women, not to mention the robbing and defrauding of those dirty Infidels –  is entirely permissible according to Islam – CM), different topics, the same as hanging out, like we’re doing here.

“I would have done the same with my friends.  But it would have led to something else that wouldn’t have been good for us”.

Like the inside of an Infidel jail cell.  And now we meet a psychically marginal person of non-Muslim origin who, rather than join Al Anon or the Salvation Army, has instead plunged himself into the abyss that is Islam. – CM

‘Robbie, who did not want to give his full name, is an older man with even more of a chequered past, darkened by substance abuse, relationship breakdowns, and run-ins with the law.

‘He once had a good job working with Centrelink, but then got involved with drugs while working as a bouncer in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley nightclub precinct.

“Within six months, I’d racked up pages of charges”, he says.

He credits Ummah United – and his conversion to Islam – with keeping him out of trouble.

Let’s just wait and see.  I predict he’ll be in worlds of trouble, eventually.  How soon till he heads off for Syria, or somewhere similar, as any number of other persons just like him have done of late? – CM

“I was hanging out with other Aussies …our culture is to go out and get pissed in the pub, you know; if you don’t have a beer there’s something wrong with you”, he says.

So he went off and joined the Mohammedan Mob?   Were they the only thing out there?  How did he manage to avoid Al-Anon, or for that matter, the Salvation Army, traditional reorientation – and social reintegration – points for Aussie infidels who’ve screwed up their lives?  Memo to the Salvation Army and John Smith’s “The God Squad” Christian motorbike club – you’re needed, in Logan and elsewhere that people like “Robbie” are being sucked in by the Mohammedan Mob. Get cracking! – CM

“So for me to walk away from that lifestyle completely, I needed to surround myself in a clean environment. Islam is a clean environment”.

“Clean”.  ROFLMAO.  Does “Robbie” now wipe his backside as Islamically prescribed, with the fingers of the left hand, and then perform wudu – with water, but without soap– to “purify” himself?   But in any case: he used to do drugs.  Has he any idea how much of the Jihad, how much of the Mohammedan Mob’s activities, world-wide, are funded by…the production and/ or sale of hash, crack, cocaine, and heroin?  Hezbollah and the Taliban fund their jihad by the production and sale of hard drugs, and I’d bet that other jihad outfits do too.  One of the first things Lebanese Muslims did as soon as they got settled in large numbers in western Sydney, in the 1980s, was to engage in the importion of heroin.  To repeat: “clean” in Islam, = Muslim,  Unclean, dirty, impure = anything and anyone not-Muslim.  Things are ‘purified’ by being Islamified. So when a Muslim mobster in Pakistan seized a thirteen year old Christian girl from her home, and dragged her off at gunpoint to be raped and force-‘converted’ to Islam and stuffed into his harem (or, perhaps, sold as sex-slave to a wealthy Saudi), he told her terrorised family that he was going to ‘purify’ her.  - CM

“Ummah United has given me a more intimate family within Islam”.

Yeah, mate: but are you Sunni or Shiite? – CM

‘Sharing a sense of alienation’.

Fostering and feeding upon grievance and victimhood. - CM

Mirways Sayed, who set up Ummah United in 2012, can relate to the young men who attend the centre, their frustrations and sense of alienation.

Which are all the fault of us dirty Infidels…-CM

‘He came to Australia as an Afghan refugee (or, he came to Australia claiming to be a refugee from the Afghan jihad – CM) in the late 1970s and used to drift around and get up to no good on Brisbane’s South Bank, before it was redeveloped.

‘And get up to no good’. What, exactly?  Has the ABC run a background check on his criminal record?  Question: are the AFP and ASIO double-checking and cross-checking his background and original asylum claim? Because if they haven’t, they should be. – CM

‘He still sometimes struggles with his English”.

How old was he, when he came here?  He’s been in Australia, what, forty years?  If he was a teenager, in the 1970s, then he should have been able to pick up the language. But a fervently Muslim Mirways Sayed who ‘sometimes struggles with his English’ is a very, very different kettle of fish from, for example, all those non-English-speaking or broken-English-speaking Italian and Greek grannies we could find in inner-city suburbs – and frequenting the Catholic churches and the newly-built Orthodox Churches – in Sydney or Melbourne in the 1950s and 1960s.- CM

‘Mr Sayed says his idea was for a community centre with its doors open to everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim (i.e. he’s doing da’wa – the Call to Islam – CM), to “get them off drugs, street violence,  jail, and encourage them to become a better person“.

An Islamically better person is, however, not necessarily what we Infidels mean by a better person...- CM

‘However, the organisations idealistic open-door policy has come at a price.

David Toalei, who has been linked to the Bandidos, was an Ummah member.

‘Toalei’ suggests Pacific Islander origin. ‘David’ is a Christian name; most Pacific Islanders are nominally Christian.  Question: did David Toalei, while involved with “Ummah United”, say the Shahada, and become a Muslim, thus joining that Ummah of which ‘Ummah United’ is merely a wholly-owned sub-franchise? – CM

‘He made the news in June when he was Tasered and batoned into submission by police on the Gold Coast after a rampage in which it is alleged he fired a shotgun inside a taxi and tried to hijack a milk float.

Question: had David Toalei converted to Islam while in contact with Ummah United, and if so, did that conversion happen before this “rampage”?  Because if he hadconverted to Islam, I’d not be the least bit surprised by said ‘rampage’…I’d write it off as a case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.  – CM

‘if that was not bad press enough, Ummah made the news again in September after it emerged that people who had attended Ummah meetings included the brothers of a Brisbane man (that is: a Brisbane-resident Muslim – CM) suspected to have carried out a suicide bombing in Syria.

Gee, what a coinky-dink.– CM

‘The ABC knows the man’s full name but has chosen not to publish it.

Why?  Why is our national news organisation withholding information from the public?  I would understand it if, say, the Federal Police or ASIO had told them not to publish this jihadist’s full name, lest an ongoing investigation be compromised, etc; but it seems that this is not the case, that rather than having been officially told not to publish, the ABC is choosing not to publish.  Why?  Have they been threatened by members of the allah gang? – CM

‘It cannot be verified that the man, whose nom de guerre was Abu Asmaa, was involved in the attack on an airport in the east of Syria on September 11.

‘The only publicly-available source material indicating Abu Asmaa, was Australian area tweets in Arabic from Jihadi social media commentators including one called Abu Hasan, who clamed he had helped the man’s bereaved family financially by buying his car.

‘The incident is a touchy subject for the close-knit community in Logan, many of whose members know the man simply as “Junior”.

‘Close-knit’.  Sticking together just like any other organised crime gang. Nosy infidels are warned to keep out. – CM

‘One Ummah United member who is close to the family interrupted 7.30’s interview with Mr Sayed, saying the ABC was making too many assumptions about the man’s involvement.

Don’t ask no questions and you’ll get told no lies..- CM

‘The group’s potential links to radical Islam (that is: the group’s potential role in recruitment for Jihad – CM) have excited the interest of the authorities, with Mr Sayed reporting multiple visits to the centre from the Australian Federal Police and ASIO officers.

Only if such a visit were entirely unannounced and unexpected, and involved a top-to-bottom search of the whole of the premises and the premises of associated persons (such as our Mr Sayed), not forgetting to use sniffer dogs that can detect explosives and drugs, would it have any hope of finding anything, er…interesting. – CM

‘The ABC asked Mr Sayed if officers had presented any evidence of wrongdoing.  He said they had not.

Well, if he knows that AFP and ASIO are keeping an eye on him,  he’s on his guard. – CM

‘Some of the younger men privately complained to the ABC of frequent unannounced visits from ASIO at their homes.

Someone at ASIO knows that it’s only the surprise inspections that turn up the dirt. – CM

‘The increasing attention has Mr Sayed worried that the pressure from the authorities has put the centre’s future at risk.

“ASIO going to parents and going behind our backs and going to parents and asking questions…people are a bit, you know, worried”, Mr Sayed says.

“People are stopping their kids coming here (so if they could stop  them from coming to Ummah United, just like that, why couldn’t they stop them from getting involved in other stuff? – CM)  and the place is getting emptier and emptier.

“Maybe if the authorities keep pressuring us like that, maybe this place will be closed”.

Never mind, I’m sure that if you shut down, Mr Sayed, so long as there are Muslims living in Australia there will be someone doing da’wa and recruiting for Jihad… – CM

‘According to Mr Sayed, if kids were not at the centre, “they’d probably be on the streets…in shopping cnetes, after the shopping centre’s closed they’re probably God knows where, in the city, outside, breaking and entering, stealing, all sorts of things.”

Not at home? Not working? Not studying? Not engaging in sport, or a band, or going fishing, or all the other things that law-abiding young people can find to do with their spare time?   The choice is only between belonging to a petty criminal gang, and belonging to the Ummah, the Allah Gang…who do…what?   Will Mr Sayed tell the ABC, or will the ABC reporter ever find out, that there’s a whole chapter of the Quran devoted to the subject of “Booty”??   And I seem to recall a certain Al Awlaki, who talked about how it was Sunnah, following the example set by Mohammed, to seize the property of the Infidels.   Here’s that wholly orthodox discourse by the late unlamented Al-Awlaki, Sunni Muslim ‘theologian’ and jihad gang boss:


‘A bridge back from radicalisation’.

??? – CM

‘Imam Uzair Akbar, from nearby Holland Park mosque, sees Ummah United not just as an alternative to the enticements of crime but, more importantly, as a bridge between the mainstream (mainstream Islam? – CM) and the radical fringe (ah yes, the Tiny Minority of Extremists dodge, which pretends that Jihad is not and has not always been one of the central duties, or even the prime duty, of Islam – CM).

‘Appointed the group’s spiritual adviser, the Imam aims his weekly religious talks at disaffected young men – and maybe even the women listening  hidden in an upstairs gallery – who might be tempted to drift towards Jihad.

I can make a guess at the subliminal message here.  Wait. Wait. Bide your time.  Lie low, keep your nose clean. The Aussie Infidels are alarmed, and suspicious, and are watching and listening. Wait. We are not yet strong enough, here.  Not yet…I remember an article from the Times, September 8 2007, that discussed the writings of  a Deoband ‘scholar’, Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Osmani, who argued that Muslims ‘should live peacefully in countries such as Britain, where they have the freedom to practise Islam, only until they gain enough power to engage in battle’.  And then there was convert-to-Islam Hamza Yusuf, who at a converence in Dubai in 2004 urged Muslims to follow the example of Mohammed.  See the story here:

And Hamza Yousuf, after invoking the Treaty of Hudaybiyya, said, “There are times when you have to live like a sheep in order to live in the future like a lion”.  CM

‘He acknowledges that he knows of young people “who are disturbed by what is happening in the Middle East“.

So what is disturbing them?  The Sunni Muslim jihad against the Alawites and Shiites in Syria, and the Alawite and Shiite attempt to defeat that Jihad?  Or events in Egypt, where the sharia-pushers of the Ikhwan, and other similar sharia-pushers, appear to have suffered a bit of a setback? The Sunni vs Shiite mayhem in Iraq? – CM

‘The Imam is fighting a powerful force: radicalisation (that is: jihad recruitment – CM) via the Internet.  It was agreed early on that there should be no computers in the centre.

That is… interesting.  Incidentally, it would make the task of would-be infidel eavesdroppers and ‘sting’ operators somewhat more difficult…– CM

“If we do not occupy the youth, give them a purpose in life, then there is a possibility they may go to sites that incite hatred”, he says.

My dear imam, do you think we infidels don’t know about the orthodox Islamic principle of al-wala wa al-bara, Loyalty and Enmity?  Anyone reading here who hasn’t yet heard of this principle should click the following link and read what you find there.  Very instructive.

The Obligation of Inciting Religious Hatred

A good few of us now know – and many more are learning – about the division of the world into Dar al Islam vs Dar al Harb, and the injunction – see, for example, Quran surah 5: 51, which is only one of many similar verses – that Muslims must never befriend or ally with Infidels (unless feigningly, and temporarily, and then only in time of weakness and/ or for Muslim advantage), and Quran Surah 48: 29, which states flatly that Muslims are harsh toward the unbelievers and compassionate (sic ) only among themselves…?  Further: please define precisely, dear Imam, what you mean by ‘a purpose in life’.  How does Islam – orthodox Islam – define ‘purpose’?  What sort of behaviours, attitudes and goal/s should a pious Muslim have? – CM

“This centre will negate that.  If people come to this centre on a regular basis, they will become part of the mainstream”.

Define ‘mainstream’.  Mainstream Aussie Infidel society?  Or…the “mainstream” of the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob? – CM

‘if the Imam is right, breaking Ummah United’s links to the underground could be doubly counterproductive for the authorities, with the risk of shutting off a source of intelligence.

‘Says Imam Akbar, “If any person has any thoughts that can damage the fabric of this country, the beautiful fabric of this country, we will be the first to highlight that. We will not keep it behind closed doors”.

Trust us.  Stop the surveillance. Don’t suspect us. Trust us. If anyone does plan anything bad we’ll tell you, of course we’ll tell the police, or ASIO…Sorry, mate, I don’t believe you.  Memo to ASIO and the AFP: watch this bloke, this Imam, and don’t just keep on watching the Ummah United coffee shop…watch that mosque in Holland Park, and don’t take your eyes – and ears – off it. – CM



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  1. Sorry, make that the ABC. Can people openly state to the pollies and police just how uncomfortable and uneasy the preence of these islamofacist criminals (and you can add the ABC to that description) makes one. The selfish muslim bastards are abusing the rights of other to enjoy public spaces by their presence.

  2. Just what will or does it take ????? – to wake non-muslim Australia up !!!!
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    ‘Deport’ islam-muslims existing in Australia – not after – but before – they start throwing the hissy fits and rioting they have already planned – test runs were Cronulla and Hyde Park – you have seen islam-muslim in action – and now they have even more weapons – just get rid of them – you will be (very) dead if you don’t.

    The task of quickly reversing islam-muslim immigration in Western Countries has to begin immediately – your and yours existence (and your property ownership) will invariably rest on the speed and thoroughness at which this reverse immigration is carried out.

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