"The first thing we are calling you to is Islam…"

Why Da‘wah Before Jihad? (Da‘wah Qablal-Jihad)

“We do not need democracy; we do not need political parties; we do not need Western human rights, and we do not need their freedom of speech. What we need is the Qur’an. It regulates our life perfectly. It is the best legislation in the history of mankind; it is the word of Allah. There is nothing better than Allah’s law. Only Islam must be dominant.” –  Abdallah, King of Saudi Arabia, in August 2008

Austin Murphy


Fiyaz Mughal’s (mendacious grievance monger from Tell Mama) Racist Dismissal of English “Identity Politics”

Fiyaz Mughal, in his cheap, nasty and pathetic smear of Richard Dawkins, tells us that he “hope[s] that Dawkins dissociates himself completely from… racial identity politics”.
 “[R]acial identity politics”? Pardon me! What does Fiyaz Mughal mean by that phrase? The racial identity politics which is displayed by the Society of Black Lawyers? Or perhaps by the National Black Police Association? 
 Indeed it is a monumental fact that the multiculturalism on which Mughal himself feasts was founded on “racial identity politics”. It has been at the very heart of British multiculturalism for decades. 

Of course what gets the goat of Fiyaz Mughal is that it’s the wrong kind of  identity twice over which Richard Dawkins supposedly highlights: the identity of English people who are also kuffar! Yes, white English people aren’t allowed to have an “identity”; let alone practice “identity politics”. So I hope that Fiyaz Mughal communicates his strong disgust at “racial identity politics” to, say, the various Bangladeshi community centers or the Music of Black Origin Awards (MOBO).

Of course this is Muslim racism against white English people in that Mughal is explicitly denying this ethnic group an identity. And yet “racial identity” has been “celebrated” insistently in the councils, newspapers, interfaith meetings, Leftist demos, etc. of the UK since at least the early 1980s.

So why do people put up with Fiyaz Mughal’s blatant racism, prejudice and bigotry? Why does this Muslim supremacist think that the identity of English white people (or even just of the English) is a notion – and even an ethnic group – fit for extinction?

This kind of hypocritical racism also has a long history in the Left.

Take Ratna Lachman of the (Trotskyist/progressive) “rights group” JUST West Yorkshire. JUST West Yorkshire, apparently, “promotes racial justice”. It does this so well that Ratna Lachman once said the following:

The so-called ‘white working class’ means the far right.”

Does the “so-called” black or brown working class mean far right too? Of course not! Why is that? Because Ratna Lachman, just like Fiyaz Mughal, is a racist. In fact the so-called black or brown working class is actually championed by Ratna Lachman and JUST West Yorkshire. It’s only the white working class she singles out for extra-special attention; just as The Guardian, Hope Not Hate, the SWP-UAF, the Huffington Post, etc. also do.(Read it all)
Bill O’Reilly Asks Ahmadiyya Spokesturd Harris Zafar Why Muslims Are Violent
Bill O’Reilly Confronts Muslim Guest Over Why Many Muslims Believe Violence Is Justified

May 1, 2013 – Bill O’Reilly brought up a Pew study [PDF] finding that a disturbingly high percentage of Muslims in some countries support honor killings, believe suicide bombings to be justified, and say that women should be subservient to their husbands. O’Reilly brought on Harris Zafar, the national spokesperson for Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, to address the big statistic that 28 percent of Muslims all over the world believe that violence is justified.

Zafar acknowledged that’s a big concern with the American Muslim community, who identify more with Americans than with foreign Muslims. O’Reilly agreed that American Muslims are not a big concern, but what he said is problematic is Muslims overseas coming to the United States killing people “in the name of Allah.”

O’Reilly said that if 28 percent of the followers of any other religion believed violence was justified, it would be a huge scandal. Zafar insisted those beliefs are not about the Islamic faith itself, but about the specific situations in certain Muslim nations with low literacy rates and bad economies.

O’Reilly insisted there is a “hell of a lot of people” of Muslim faith “buy into jihad,” but Zafar said the American Muslim community has been fighting for more moderation and reformation in the faith. O’Reilly suggested that there should be a “worldwide conference” on Islam to lay down some ground rules.

3 thoughts on “"The first thing we are calling you to is Islam…"”

  1. “The first thing we are calling you to is Islam…”

    (end of image video) Invitation from Muslima & Allah 9:6 “… so that he may hear the Word of Allah (the Qur-an)”
    BUT if one refuse (what she didn’t say), 9:29 “Fight those (sword-jihad 2:216, 9:111, 9:5, 9:29) who believe not in Allah”

    ’… it(jihad) is universally understood as war on behalf of Islam (equivalent to “jihad of the sword” [e.g. Q9:5]) …’


    “… Tell the infidels in public, we respect your laws and your CONSTITUTIONS, which we Muslims believe that these are as WORTHLESS as the paper they are written on. Tho ONLY law we must respect and apply is the Shari’a”
    — Tariq Ramadan (devout Muslim)

    e.g. Allah, Q5:38 “(thieves) Amputate their hands”
    vs. German Constitution Art 2, 2 “Everybody has the right to life and PHYSICAL INTEGRITY”

  2. And the inviation to islam is refused. Dont come knocking on the door again muslim ratbag.

  3. Islam follows the brazen rule of crime, where all is allowed to be done both to and for one person by others, unless and until very specifically denied in law. (And it’s almost impossible to deny in advance every circumstantial situational instance, wihtout agreeing to any guiding principle like the Golden Rule aka do not attack first; one can’t expect to pre-legislate “Fat Tony isn’t allowed to murder Bob on a Tuesday from between 4 AM and 11PM, but this rule does not apply during leap-years!”)

    This inveitbaly leads to group-might-made-rights aka criminal extortion.

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