1017744_10152052114887689_9131363108144228332_nBDS is a movement built on deception. It demands the elimination of Israel, but sells itself as a progressive, social justice cause. It manipulates the public into thinking that boycotting the safety measures that keep innocent Israelis alive every day is “human rights activism”. It appropriates and abuses the voices of progressive icons like MLK and Nelson Mandela to gain legitimacy, even though both strongly opposed the toxic brand of anti-Zionism that BDS represents. BDS activists tell members of student governments that divestment does not target Israel or Israelis, even though their official handbook calls divestment a, “stepping stone towards a broad, comprehensive boycott of Israel.” So when they insist that campus divestment campaigns are entirely student-led, it’s just one drop in an ocean of BDS deceptions.–Read more: A Paid Operative Behind Campus Divestment | Max Samarov | Ops & Blogs | The Times of Israel 

In other news:

Chesler: The Shame of Brandeis

Swiss, UN accept Palestinian requests to join international treaties.

Are the Swiss out of their f*kcing minds?

“Zionist Hoodlums” @ Cornell

So who were the hoodlums, the anti-Israel crowd or the Zionists? Who is lying?

Luckily, we have a video that shows the answer brilliantly:

Apparently, polite applause is the act of  “blueshirt Zionist hoodlums” while repeatedly and profanely interrupting a student association meeting is simple manners.

It seems that when you have an irrational hatred of one of the world’s most liberal and tolerant countries despite it being surrounded by tens of millions who want it to be destroyed, seeing things as exactly the opposite of truth becomes a habit.

Unfortunately for them, the tide is turning against BDS this year, quite decisively. There will be more angry,profanity-filled outbursts, and more humorous videos of Israel haters.

Rational people remain rational when they lose. Irrational haters become even more irrational when things don’t go their way. Nothing I can say is more convincing than this video.