China approves: "our" ABC has won permission from the Chinese government to have its Australia Network content made available to the entire Chinese population

Just a reminder: Australian taxpayers cough up $1.1 billion dollars a year for an extreme left propaganda network called ‘ABC’  that is stuffed with commie agitprops and their family members. No conservatives need apply. To add insult to injury,  Al Jazeera and the Beep  are served up as credible news sources.

China has clearly decided the ABC’s content is no threat.

That is not something to boast about. Andrew Bolt:  if China trusts the ABC…

Just wondering: would China trust our educators too?

Deakin University journalism lecturer Martin Hirst shows how he is “driving the digital frontier to enable globally connected education for the jobs of the future and research that makes a difference to the benefit of our students, our staff and the communities we serve”:  Improving society, one foul word at a time

In other news:

Don’t think you can escape the insanity of liberalism by heading Down Under. But Australia might be a fine place for mail bomber Ted Kaczynski to relocate. His colleague Colin George Dunstan has hit paydirt:

Convicted tax office letter bomber Colin George Dunstan has been awarded more than $415,000 in workers compensation.– (Moonbattery)