Banality of Evil

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UN Says Vacuuming CO2 Out of Air May Be Only Way to Save Planet Earth


Dunno ’bout you, but I don’t want to be saved by these people….

The Goracle in Hawaii

“Australian of the Year” claims climate scepticism is like child abuse

“I’m not a climate change expert but I do trust the incredible scientific evidence….”

So she’s a religious follower, which she’s entitled to be.  And the evidence is in-credible — we quite agree. (I don’t think she meant to say that.) With a true sense of fair play she even admits the scientists she “trusts” don’t know, and can’t be expected to know precisely what is going on. (JoAnn Nova)

Greens senator Scott Ludlam goes all Pentecostal:

This country is going to cook and people are going to die.

Turning on an air conditioner usually seems to help.–HELLFIRE AND DAMNATION (Tim Blair)

Obama IRS Confirms: Abortions Are Now Tax Deductible

Really. Its like… those in need of abortions pay tax?

Obama Demands $182 Million to Push New Gun Control Laws

Stay the course, Barry! Always against the first and the second amendment!

Who needs a constitution when you got the Obamster already?


Islamic terrorists are just like Japanese (when they’re not like Jews)

 UN Confidence

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