Jihad on benefits: Who let him in? Who failed to throw him out?

A former skydiving money-launderer who receives the disability support pension is  fighting to become an Australian citizen:

No Koranimal Left Behind

Andrew Bolt

Yet again I ask: who is minding the door? 

Father-of-three Wassim Assafiri, 35, has been rejected for citizenship a third time because of his criminal history…

He was on Centrelink benefits when arrested in 2005 after a bank officer noticed the driver’s licence he was using to send $200,000 to Lebanon was false…

017662-2ed809ea-bb82-11e3-8a33-c23c348170ffAssafiri arrived­ in Australia from Lebanon in July 2002, with wife Ghazwa Baltaji, a Lebanese-born Australian citizen. He was granted residency in March 2005.

In 2006 he was jailed for three years and nine months — reduced on appeal to one year and five months — after pleading guilty to three counts of money laundering, possessing money believed to be the proceeds of crime and making 19 false statements…

Ms Toohey said “at some point” after being released from jail in February 2008, he was assessed by Centrelink as eligible for a disability support pension on the grounds of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms “although he did not meet the diagnostic criteria for this condition”…

He is still on a disability support pension — which begins at $577.40 a fortnight — while working part-time as a driver with a kitchen company and doing voluntary work at a mosque.

Who let him in?

Who failed to throw him out?

Who gave him benefits the first time, when he was fit and able to indulge in criminal activity?

Who gave him benefits this time, when he is fit and able to work as a truck driver and volunteer – and did not meet the eligibility criteria?

Whose interests are being protected here?


5 thoughts on “Jihad on benefits: Who let him in? Who failed to throw him out?”

  1. My friend is on a disability pension…and has told me of a guy that has 3 wives and get unemployment benefits and always deals with another muslim behind the counter at Centrelink..his other two wives are on single mother benefits and by his count there are 3, 4, and 2 children that belong to their respective mothers…AND when he goes to the Victoria Park PO to get his mail this dude is most times in there sending money o.s. by Western Union …How much money do you think is involved?

  2. Mootman – help Australia and its taxpayers and cripple the attempts at scamming our social security system by POS like the one you have mentioned. He should be paying maintenance for every child he has spawned until they are 18 years old.

    So do your civic duty and report this to Centrelink. You can do this anonymously over the web if you like at https://www.centrelink.gov.au/wps/portal/clk_common/TORS

  3. Scam the system? This scum bag is only in Austrailia just to do that.
    I hope that in Austraila, they actually do punish and kick out fraudsters unlike the UK and US, who pretty much turn a blind eye.

    @Mootman81, Thanks for your story, it surprises no one here, but it does validate what we already believe.

    Lastly, It is interesting that for people who are so poor and needy they need to be on social welfare, yet the Mrs is walking around with a thousand dollar plus handbag-presuming it is real of course. And funny enough, a similar “Western” high end bag was being rocked by blow hard Anjam Choudry’s daughter. I guess there are some Western objects that they do not hate so much.

  4. Why the hell is this Muslim Bottom Feeding Parasitic piece of crap still hear? Send him and his whole family back to the Sharia Toilet he comes from and don’t let him back.

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