Oral Sex In Islam, Is it Haram ?

Oral Sex In Islam, Is it Haram ?
Answered by “Dr.” Muhammad Salah.
Why should she not have what he gets from his buddies?
Homo Promo, Homo Terror

American Moonbat in Morocco: “Allahu akbar dispels stereotypes”- 

The call to prayer that was so strange and mysterious to me the first time is now simply a reminder to thank God. When I hear “Allah Ahkbar” I do not relate it to evil, but rather to love.

“In God we trust”

… starting later this year, all 90,000 Dutch bankers will have to swear an oath that they’ll do their “utmost to maintain and promote confidence in the financial-services industry. So help me God.”


Christian couple sentenced to death for blasphemy for texts they didn’t send

Kausar and EmmanuelHere yet again we see how Pakistan’s blasphemy law is used to victimize non-Muslims. It is a human rights abuse of catastrophic proportions, but apparently the global “human rights community” is too busy worrying about “Islamophobia” to take any serious notice. How many more innocent people will have to die before Western Christian leaders decide that speaking out against this persecution of their brethren is worth harming the wonderful “dialogue” they’re enjoying with the local Muslim groups?

“BREAKING NEWS: Pakistan Sentences Christian Couple To Death,” by Stefan J. Bos for BosNewsLife, April 4 (thanks to JW)

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  1. “A New Muslim Wife Demands Anal Sex: What to Do?”

    His buddies? I’m thinking the wife is smart enough to figure out if she has to do the dirty at least she does not have to look at him or smell his putrid breath. blech.

  2. Muhammad and the Thighing of Aisha

    There’s been an interesting debate in recent years between Christian apologists and Westernized Muslim apologists over the Islamic practice of “thighing,” which involves a Muslim (more specifically, Muhammad) putting his penis between the thighs of a virgin (or a woman during her monthly period) and moving back and forth until he ejaculates.

    As usual, Christian apologists got this accusation from Muslim scholars, who refer to the practice in their fatwas (legal rulings by Islamic scholars). The problem is that, whenever we link to a fatwa discussing the Islamic practice of thighing, Westernized Muslims complain to the fatwa site administrators, and the administrators then remove the fatwa. Once the fatwa is removed, Westernized Muslims accuse us of inventing the issue of thighing in order to attack Muhammad!

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