Name Them and Shame Them!

 by Hugh Fitzgerald
87 people “on the Brandeis faculty” (professors? adjuncts? T.A.s? Who, exactly?) apparently joined in signing a collective letter demanded that the University rescind its planned invitation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali to speak at the 2014 Commencement, and to rescind its giving her an honorary degree.

Would it not be useful to know — useful for potential or present students, useful for all of the faculty members at Brandeis and at other universities, too, where some of those signers may someday be applying for jobs — their names and their departments? (More below the fold)

Brandeis Bars Ayaan Hirsi Ali From Commencement – But Invited Terrorist Bill Ayers to Campus

Posted by Jim Hoft (GWP)

bill ayers mugshotDomestic terrorist Bill Ayers

It figures.

  • Brandeis disinvited women’s rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali to Commencement this year.
  • But terrorist Bill Ayers was invited to speak on campus.

Michael Graham reported, via NewsBusters:

When Brandeis University decided to kow-tow to religious extremists and withdraw their honorary degree/opportunity to speak from Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I made an off-hand comment on the air about how these same liberals would have no problem inviting unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers to speak on campus.

Brandeis Bars Ayaan Hirsi Ali – But Invited Terrorist Bill Ayers to CampusD’oh! From 2009

More on Ayaan, Brandeis and those names we need to make public:

I’m guessing that most of them were in Islamic and Judaic studies. But we already know that most departments of Islamic studies are now peopled not by the likes of Joseph Schacht, that is linguistically-gifted, supremely-well-educated Western scholars of Islam, but by Muslims themselves, including that most dangerous kind of Muslim, The Convert. And the presence, in the thick of al this Brandeis mess of someone — Assistant Professor Joseph E. B. Lumbard — who is an example of that self-inflicted adult-onset Islam– at the impressionable age of 18, just starting his Spiritiual  Search in college, he apparently fell under the spell of Seyyid Nasr, a well-known Shi’a, and has never looked back — should raise eyebrows. For sensible people, who exchange looks of pity when friend tells them that his child has gone off with the followers of Reverend Moon, or joined the Church of Scientology, realize that someone who coverts to Islam  is in that same group of the pitiable, but represents a special danger because of the centrality of Jihad — the “struggle” to remove, by violence or by other means if violence would not for the moment be effective or perhaps not neccesary, all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam. Convert to Islam, or to the manner born, it is most unwise to hire Muslims — it only seems paradoxical and unfair — to teach non-Muslims about Islam. For every word will be measured, and every truth is likely to be obscured.Lumbard himself appears to be Shi’a and Sufi, and  perhaps he believes, or allows himself to believe, that Islam is that, all Rumi’s love poems and whirling dervishes, and Sura 9 can safely be ignored. But neither Sura 9, nor much else in the Qur’an, nor in the “authentic” Hadith, can be ignored. And what kind of understanding of Islam do you think the hapless students at Brandeis will receive?

Yet in hiring Lumbard, the department said something about itself.

And just imagine that you are a member of the Islamic Studies department, or the Judaic Studies department, many of whose members feel it is their duty, part of their mission, to keep reassuring their “Muslim brothers” of just how much they support them, of just how much they too deplore any signs of “Islamophobia” and want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and so on and so predictably dismally forth.

Remember: this is in a university. Few will want, in those departments, to offend, to be less than “collegial.” If you don’t have tenure, there is practically nothing you will do that might offend even a single one of your tenured masters.But tenured faculty, too, in the Islamic and Judaic Studies Departments, would not wish to offend their colleagues. It can be most unpleasant to do so. And the ways that Muslims become outraged, and seek revenge, are by now well-known. If a Muslim colleague sent word that this “hatemonger” was being honored by Brandeis and that “we hope you will stand with us” and protest — how many would refuse?

I don’t know the names of anyone — save that of Lumbard — among the 87. But here’s what I’m going to guess. I doubt that any faculty members who are real refugees, from the former Soviet Union, for example, would be among the signers. There might even be a lone apostate or two, likely from Iran, who refused to sign.

But let’s find out. Let’s be given the names, and then, in the spirit  of Sir Lewis Namier, a prosopographical study may be done.

It will be enlightening. It will be fun.

2 thoughts on “Name Them and Shame Them!”

  1. When it’s all said and done, the highest honor this institution of higher Islamic indoctrination was NOT bestowing this honorary degree on AHA. Yeah, it was disingenuous and sh*tty of them, but at least she doesn’t have the shame of carrying a degree from this egg-sucking university.

  2. I’m all for naming them, however I’m not all that optimistic about the “shaming” them – how can you shame thugs who have no shame?

    And a propos ‘naming’: dont forget to add the name of Obama since the impetus for this nazi event came for his muslim brotherhood.

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