We better muzzle these dogs before they muzzle us

Tears for Marx from journalism academic

Andrew Bolt

Why am I not surprised?  A fan of Marx – and of gags for journalists – teaches journalism in our universities.

We need petrol, we don’t need Tutu

-c983500cff2289a2Just Tutu much global warming hypocrisy:  Tutu wants a boycott of the industry that puts petrol in his car and fuel in his plane and ship. Turns out his carbon footprint is enormous.

Stop the Brain Police!

Brendan O’Neill says we should have more pride than to let the state protect us from other people’s thoughts:

Are we children, to let the state stop our ears?

When I tell people I think Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act should be scrapped – not reformed, but ripped up – I always get the same response: ‘How can you defend the rights of racists?’…