Mohammedans Destroy Europe's Churches, Attack Synagogues

 Ignored by Leftoids, the soldiers of allah do what they always do when they conquer infidel lands:


After the interval of just one month, unidentified blasphemers have desecrated one more Orthodox Church on Crete, reports with the reference to the agency. This time, the Orthodox Church of the Mother of God Kardiotissa (“Of the heart”) in the village of Profitis Ilias became the target of vandals. The police suspects of the crime individuals of the Arab origin, as anti-Christian slogans, written with coal in Arabic, were discovered on the church walls.

Ibrahim smashes up four six churches in Vienna

Vienna: Muslim vandalises foursix churches after listening to Islamic chants

The 37-year-old says he was on “tasked by God allah”

Ibrahim A., a 37-year-old Ghanaian Muslim, vandalized a church and all the Christian symbols in Vienna. Ibrahim was listening to his Quran on his ipod that instructs him to view Christians and Jews as apes and pigs. Five times a day, 365 days of the year, Muslims prays that the kafir, the non-Muslim, will be ‘orphans and widows’. How nice of them. They sound like an ideal immigrant to the land of kafirs. The Cardinal is “shocked” over the vandalism. – Open Season on Austrian Churches (GoV)


Synagogue attacked in Muslim-dominated Malmø

Five people whose ancestry and religious affiliation are not reported in the media tried imposing themselves on Thursday in the Jewish community center’s premises at Kamrergatan in multicultural Malmö, where they shouted anti-Semitic slogans. … The Simon Wiesenthal Center has issued a travel advisory for Jews going to Malmø. Via, via JW…

Interfaith outreach in Nigeria:
20131112 boko haram usa terror
Western Christians, Catholic and Protestant, set a great deal of hope upon their ongoing “dialogue” with Muslim leaders. But what good is the “dialogue” if it does nothing to deter Muslims from attacking churches and other Christian installations?

What good is “dialogue” if it makes all the parties feel good but doesn’t deal with the tough issues that make this dialogue necessary in the first place?

“Catholic church in north Nigeria set aflame,” from theAssociated Press, March 31 (JW)

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2 thoughts on “Mohammedans Destroy Europe's Churches, Attack Synagogues”

  1. All these allah-Turds could be taken out of commission easily enough IF Western Nations weren’t inflicted with multicultural Fools enabling them!
    First we must purge our nations of anti-white Whites, who spit on their own race, their own women and children with their idiotic laws and regulations. Once that has been achieved, we can deal with the muslim menace in our midst, and nullify it. . . .

  2. Dave,
    Very true indeed. All we seem to hear now is dialogue, appeasement, bowing down, begging etc. Absolutely disgraceful to see the amount of cowardice displayed by the cultural elite and the western churches. It’s about time to put the death cult on notice.

    I certainly don’t believe in an ‘eye for an eye’ but there comes a time when you have to stop turning the other cheek and hold people responsible for their disgusting behaviour. Unfortunately the death cult will only respond to a certain type of behaviour and if that means our survival so be it. It’s all about choices and I certainly choose to survive.

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