The Mohammedan Tsunami

Fox guarding chicken coop:

Screen-Shot-2014-04-02-at-4.15.45-PMTariq Ramadan, grandson of Hasan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, invited to sit on an “Advisory Group” on the Orwellian-named “Freedom of Religion,” –– Pamela Geller

Andrew Gilligan: many journalists and officials are afraid of being branded racist for criticising Lutfur Rahman.

 Lutfur Rahman’s ruling cabinet is 100 per cent Bangladeshi and Muslim, while 45.2 per cent of the population is (still) white. Finally,  following the BBC’s Panorama on Rahman this week, it looks as if the dam is breaking. A Government investigation is now looking extremely likely.  (source)

Hook-o-phobia in New York

New York cops fear hate preacher Abu Hamza’s trial could spark more terror
abu-hamza… One-eyed Hamza, who was extradited to the US from Britain in 2012, will appear in court next week in New York, and the city’s authorities fear another al-Qaida attack to coincide with the trial. ..Daily Star, thanks to Mullah pbuh

Douglas Murray smells the coffee: OUR NEW SHARIA LAW

The strangest thing of all about this is not the slow erosion of the principle of one law for all. It is not even the offering up of an increasing number of parts of British life to an extremist ideology. It is the ease with which it is all done. “This is not chopping off hands,” Sharia’s defenders say, scoffingly. “It is not chopping off heads or lashing people,” they continue. Some people already complain that critics of Sharia are giving Sharia as a whole a bad name, lumping in the “bad” Sharia with the “good” Sharia. In reality, of course, Sharia law, officially adopted just this week by Brunei, apparently complete with amputations and stoning, is not compatible with law as we have been practicing it for over 2000 years in the West. The short-term political gains for the political leaders who support it hardly seem worth the long-term losses that will befall our society if we continue incorporating this system of law into our national life. If we are indeed seeing the beginning of this process, we are far from seeing what lies at the end of it. (Mullah)


Not jihad, not crime, not rape; monitoring Islamic head choppers is the problem

Complaints about alleged illegal monitoring by Norwegian intelligence services doubled from 21 in 2001 to more than 40 in 2013. The focus has increasingly shifted to immigrant communities with ties to Islam, leading to concerns such surveillance could hinder their integration and have broader impacts on democratic rights. (Seems to be the problem everywhere these days. Fighting crime causes more crime; resistance to jihad causes more… jihad. Got it.)


Even the leftarded Harry’s Place can’t help but wonder why Camoron tasks MuBro crackpot Tariq Ramadan with advising his Hizb-ut Tahrir connected Muslim advisor “Baroness” Warsi, his trusty expert on all things muselmanic:

Brother Tariq and Baroness Warsi

Lucy Lips, April 2nd 2014, 3:48 pm

Let’s say someone offered this stupid, callous and offensive observation on Mohamed Merah’s terrorist murder spree in Toulouse in 2012:

Politically, he was a young man adrift, imbued neither with the values of Islam, nor driven by racism and anti-Semitism. Young, disoriented, he shot at targets whose prominence and meaning seem to have been chosen based on little more than their visibility.

Yes, it’s Tariq Ramadan. And you will remember that Merah deliberately targeted Jews for murder, including children.

Brother Tariq added this:

Where we might have hoped for a true debate on political issues, we must now be content with trapeze artists and jugglers, with illusionists, and with clever and cynical attempts to exploit a tragedy.

Imagine someone saying in the immediate aftermath of Anders Breivik’s atrocities that “one might have hoped Norway would now hold a proper debate about immigration and integration”. It would be an utterly foul reaction.

Now consider a woman who looks at the world of so many Toulouses and is concerned. She says:

Across the world, people are being singled out and hounded out simply for the faith they follow or the beliefs they hold. The persecution of people because of their faith or belief has, I believe, become a global crisis. I want to make sure we have the best advice available.

That woman is Baroness Warsi, speaking about her new “Foreign Office group on Freedom of Religion or Belief”.

Among others, she has appointed Brother Tariq to advise her.

What an idiot.

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