Taqiyya Gigolos and the most common lies

The most common lies:

FGM has no foundation in Islamic scripture or law. (Dr Andrew Bostom proves that FGM is as Islamic as Muhammad and that Clit-cutting is deeply rooted in Islam: Cut the Clitoris Relativism!)


As everyone knows, the UK’s record on prosecutions of FGM is appalling. The law against it was passed thirty years ago and the first case will appear in court on April 15.–FGM on prime time

Murderers of blasphemers are making a mockery of Islam

Feisal Kutty, Mohammedan dissimulator at the PuffHo, does his Islamic duty:

…with the exception of Hanafi jurists who expanded the Islamic doctrine of defamation to a new crime of blasphemy, most jurists from all of the other major Sunni and Shi’a schools of jurisprudence refused to classify even intentional jabs at the Prophet as criminally blasphemous. Some scholars even point out that the prophet himself did not retaliate even when subjected to direct physical and verbal attacks.

Back to reality:

 In Pakistan, (a beacon of enlightenment and Mohammedan progress)  nineteen people are now on death row for blasphemy, while another 20 are serving life. Moreover, dozens have died as a result of riots, extra-judicial killings and mob “justice.”

A Muslim female who, according to Muhammad, is ‘deficient in religion’ and who’s worth is only half of a man, is using taqiyya, religiously mandated lying and obfuscation, to tell us what the Koran does not say but the hadith does. Whom do you trust, millions of Muslims who religiously follow Muhammad or Ruby Hamad?

 Defensive Gibberish from the Islamo-Christian Rami G. Khouri

I applaud the decision to withdraw the invitation, because Hirsi Ali’s wild and mostly false criticisms of the Islamic faith should not be honored with a degree from a quality university such as Brandeis. (Of course he does. Rami wants to stay alive. He lives in ever increasingly Islamised Lebanon and writes for the The Daily Star.)

In  other news:


Muslim Schools in Germany Plagued by Hate Sermons

The Muslim Issue 16 April 2014 Video:

Relations between Muslims and Germans are “not so good” says one Muslim in the videoclip. Huh? Really?? How can that be! Muslims get along with eeeeveryone. Surely the whole fault must be with the Germans, bloody kuffars!


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  1. On Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Rami Khouri Outdoes Himself

    Hugh Fitzgerald

    Count all the ways Rami Khouri, Defender of the Faith (though it’s a faith I don’t believe he shares — I think he’s an example of that well-known phenomenon, the Arab islamochristian, who wraps himself in protective ‘Uruba solidarity, and attempts to fit into a Muslim sea mainly by being plus-royaliste-que-le-roi in his hostility toward Israel) manages to misrepresent and malign Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and compare his tone with hers, in her many interviews, articles, and two books. Whose is the quiet tone of reason, and whose that hysterical tone to which, by now, devotees of http://www.MEMRITV.org have all grown inured?

    Rami Khouri has made a fatal mistake. He’s quoted Ayaan Hirsi Ali. And even though the remarks are plucked out of context, and no doubt the most uncompromisinig of her remarks, they still make sense. What he’s quoted, in order, he thinks, to show her up, will have the opposite effect, will strike many readers — especially Christians living in Lebanon and those Muslims-for-identification-purposes-only Muslims who have long agonized over what happens to minds on Islam, and especially today, as they look around the world, even in Muslim lands, must be in an agony of doubt and hidden apostasy — as piercingly true.

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