Ahmadiyya Spokesturd Qasim Rashid Lies About Islamic Jew-Hatred, Blames Geller For Exposing It

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Debunking the Extremist Myth That Islam is Anti-Jewish

 Qasim Rashid  is a vocal human rights activist and advocate of moderate Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in America. He is an attorney and …. enough. (Qasim is a regular bullshitter at PuffHo and other Moonbat infested propaganda channels like TIME & CNN.)

Islamophobes are fabricating the myth that Islam promotes Jew-hatred by taking out ads on D.C. buses. …

However, nothing in the Qur’an or in Prophet Muhammad’s example supports the myth of “Islamic Jew hatred.” …

More on the fabricated myth, false prophet and blasphemous koran at TIME

Here’s the lying, deceitful Rashid singing the praises of the ‘blessed Kalipha’ by writing idiotic poems about Ahmadiyya top dog Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who threatened Geert Wilders  with ‘destruction’.


Back to realtiy:

Andrew Bostom

Muslim brothers, God has inflicted the Muslim nation with a people whom God has become angry at [Koran 1:7] and whom he cursed [Koran 5:78] so he made monkeys and pigs [Koran5:60] out of them. They killed prophets and messengers [Koran 2:61 / 3:112] and sowed corruption on Earth. [Koran 5:33 / 5:64] They are the most evil on Earth. [5:62 /63]

The extreme left rabble from Haaretz pushes the same propaganda:

Haaretz: “Anti-Muslim ads on Washington buses feature Hitler, mufti of Jerusalem

Pamela Geller
afdi-islamic-jew-hatred-adHere is how an uber left Israeli newspaper is covering our new awareness campaign exposing the root cause of the Islamic (‘Palestinian’) war on the Jews.

Anti-Muslim? Are all Muslims virulent Jew haters? Apparently Haaretz seems to think so. That’s what their headline implies.

“Anti-Muslim ads on Washington buses feature Hitler, mufti of Jerusalem,” Haaretz, May 19, 2014

Headlined ‘Islamic Jew-hatred: It’s in the Quran,’ Pamela Geller’s new ad runs on 20 buses in U.S. capital; follows anti-Israeli one by American Muslim group.

Pamela Geller, the popular American anti-Muslim blogger, has escalated her public advertising campaign against Islam by plastering a 15-foot-long message in that spirit on many Washington D.C. buses.

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  1. ‘Qasim Rashid, Esq.’ Esq.?

    His wretched versifying is almost as ordurous as his prose.

  2. For those who can’t find Jew-hatred in Islamic scriptures, here it is, served on a silver tablet:

    The Times of Israel Sees Only Hitler in AFDI’s Islamic Jew-Hatred Ad

    2:65 Allah transforms disobedient Jews into apes “For you are well aware of those from among you who profaned the Sabbath, whereupon We said unto them, “Be as apes despicable!” 2:89 Unbelievers, particularly Jews, are accursed “And whenever there came unto them a [new] revelation from God, confirming the truth already in their possession – and [bear in mind that] aforetime they used to pray for victory over those who were bent on denying the truth -: whenever there came unto them something which they recognized [as the truth], they would deny it. And God’s rejection is the due of all who deny the truth.” 3:110-112 Muslims are the best of people, Jews have earned Allah’s anger “You are indeed the best community that has ever been brought forth for [the good of] mankind: you enjoin the doing of what is right and forbid the doing of what is wrong, and you believe in God. Now if the followers of earlier revelation had attained to [this kind of] faith, it would have been for their own good; [but only few] among them are believers, while most of them are iniquitous: [but] these can never inflict more than a passing hurt on you; and if they fight against you, they will turn their backs upon you [in flight], and will not be succoured. Overshadowed by ignominy are they wherever they may be, save [when they bind themselves again] in a bond with God and a bond with men; for they have earned the burden of God’s condemnation, and are overshadowed by humiliation: all this [has befallen them] because they persisted in denying the truth of God’s messages and in slaying the prophets against all right: all this, because they rebelled [against God], and persisted in transgressing the bounds of what is right.” 3:181-182 Jews are bound for hell “God has indeed heard the saying of those who said, ‘Behold, God is poor while we are rich!’ We shall record what they have said, as well as their slaying of prophets against all right, and We shall say [unto them on Judgment Day]: ‘Taste suffering through fire in return for what your own hands have wrought – for never does God do the least wrong to His creatures!’” 4:160-161 Jews do evil, turn people away from Allah “So, then, for the wickedness committed by those who followed the Jewish faith did We deny unto them certain of the good things of life which [aforetime] had been allowed to them;174 and [We did this] for their having so often turned away from the path of God, and [for] their taking usury – although it had been forbidden to them, and their wrongful devouring of other people’s possessions. And for those from among them who [continue to] deny the truth We have readied grievous suffering.” 5:41 Jews listen to falsehood and pervert the meaning of their Scriptures “O Apostle! Be not grieved by those who vie with one another in denying the truth: such as those who say with their mouths, ‘We believe,’ the while their hearts do not believe; and such of the Jewish faith as eagerly listen to any falsehood, eagerly listen to other people without having come to thee [for enlightenment]. They distort the meaning of the [revealed] words, taking them out of their context, saying [to themselves], ‘If such-and-such [teaching] is vouchsafed unto you, accept it; but if it is not vouchsafed unto you, be on your guard!’” 5:51 Don’t take Jews and Christians as friends and allies “O you who have attained to faith! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for your allies: they are but allies of one another – and whoever of you allies himself with them becomes, verily, one of them; behold, God does not guide such evildoers.” 5:59-60 Jews cursed, made into apes and swine “Say: ‘O followers of earlier revelation! Do you find fault with us for no other reason than that we believe in God [alone], and in that which He has bestowed from on high upon us as well as that which He has bestowed aforetime? – or [is it only] because most of you are iniquitous?’ Say: ‘Shall I tell you who, in the sight of God, deserves a yet worse retribution than these? They whom God has rejected and whom He has condemned, and whom He has turned into apes and swine because they worshipped the powers of evil: these are yet worse in station, and farther astray from the right path [than the mockers].’” 5:64 Jews accursed “And the Jews say, ‘God’s hand is shackled!’ It is their own hands that are shackled; and rejected [by God] are they because of this their assertion. Nay, but wide are His hands stretched out: He dispenses [bounty] as He wills. But all that has been bestowed from on high upon thee [O Prophet] by thy Sustainer is bound to make many of them yet more stubborn in their overweening arrogance and in their denial of the truth.” 5:82 Jews most hostile to the Muslims “Thou wilt surely find that, of all people, the most hostile to those who believe [in this divine writ] are the Jews as well as those who are bent on ascribing divinity to aught beside God.” 6:91 Jews deny, conceal divine revelations “For, no true understanding of God have they when they say, ‘Never has God revealed anything unto man.’ Say: ‘Who has bestowed from on high the divine writ which Moses brought unto men as a light and a guidance, [and] which you treat as [mere] leaves of paper, making a show of them the while you conceal [so] much – although you have been taught [by it] what neither you nor your forefathers had ever known?’ Say: ‘God [has revealed that divine writ]!” – and then leave them to play at their vain talk..’” 6:146 Jews involved in “evildoing” “And [only] unto those who followed the Jewish faith did We forbid all beasts that have claws; and We forbade unto them the fat of both oxen and sheep, excepting that which is in their backs or entrails or that which is within the bone: thus did We requite them for their evildoing – for, behold, We are true to Our word!” 7:166 Jews are apes “And then, when they disdainfully persisted in doing what they had been forbidden to do, We said unto them: ‘Be as apes despicable!’” 9:29 Fight and subjugate the Jews and Christians “[And] fight against those who – despite having been vouchsafed revelation [aforetime] – do not [truly] believe either in God or the Last Day, and do not consider forbidden that which God and His Apostle have forbidden, and do not follow the religion of truth [which God has enjoined upon them] till they [agree to] pay the exemption tax with a willing hand, after having been humbled [in war].” 9:30 Jews and Christians to be destroyed by Allah “And the Jews say, ‘Ezra is God’s son,’” while the Christians say, ‘The Christ is God’s son.’ Such are the sayings which they utter with their mouths, following in spirit assertions made in earlier times by people who denied the truth! [They deserve the imprecation:] ‘May God destroy them!’ How perverted are their minds!” 9:31 Jews and Christians have taken their clergy and holy men as lords “They have taken their rabbis and their monks – as well as the Christ, son of Mary – for their lords beside God, although they had been bidden to worship none but the One God, save whom there is no deity: the One who is utterly remote, in His limitless glory, from anything to which they may ascribe a share in His divinity!” 62:6-7 Jews are evildoers who should long for death “Say: ‘O you who follow the Jewish faith! If you claim that you [alone] are close to God, to the exclusion of all other people, then you should be longing for death – if what you say is true!’ But never will they long for it, because [they are aware] of what their hands have wrought in this world; and God has full knowledge of evildoers.” 98:6 Jew
    s and Christians who reject Islam are the worst of creatures “Verily, those who [despite all evidence] are bent on denying the truth – [be they] from among the followers of earlier revelation or from among those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God – will find themselves in the fire of hell, therein to abide: they are the worst of all creatures.” – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/05/times-israel-sees-hitler-afdis-islamic-jew-hatred-ad.html/#sthash.aHzsYs5S.dpuf

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