The ABC's gotta go!

Crock & Schlock on a Saturday Night

If its not globull worming its homo marriage. If its not homo marriage its the boats. If its not the boats, its hysterical scaremongering about the Abbott government. And if that’s not enough to give you the creeps, its Gitmo, where some of the worlds worst savages are locked up in order to prevent them from committing atrocities, like 9/11.

First, a show where female hearts bleed for Gitmo head choppers.

Immediately after, we get more of the same dreck about how horrible and how inhumanely treats the illegal Muslim invaders in PNG.

That sucks.


Tim Blair – Saturday, May 03, 2014

Judging by these photographs, the ABC produces nothing but shows for poor little stupid children. This is a standard propaganda tactic for dishonest pro-ABC types. By the way, if they’re really so in love with Bananas in Pyjamas, why aren’t they demanding new episodes?

UPDATE. The best sign at today’s “yay for stealing our money and handing it to rich white people” rallies:

The ABC gives life to those who care.

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  1. Many people are quietly hoping for the closure of the ABC. I suggest that those who no longer wish to give their money to the ABC write to the current government, requesting that the ABC be shut down. In my opinion the ABC serves no meaningful purpose.

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