U.S. prof in Teheran Times: Anti-Muslim ad on buses in Washington is 'aimed at inciting wrongful conduct'

From the Teheran Times. Perhaps we should call it the ‘Mullah Pravda’.
 Charles Taliaferro is a wakademic tosser who dabbles as a willing prostitute for mullah propaganda.
What a useless tool:
TEHRAN - Charles Taliaferro, a professor of philosophy at St. Olaf College, believes that anti-Muslim adverts on Washington DC Metro buses are aimed at inciting “wrongful conduct”.
The adverts say two-thirds of American aid goes to “Islamic countries” along with a call to “end all aid to Islamic countries”.
“Arguably, the ads are a form of what some call hate-speech, communication that is aimed an inciting violence and wrongful conduct,” Taliaferro says.
Following is the text of the interview:
Q: What is the purpose behind such anti-Muslim advertisement?
A: This ad is the work of an extremist, ultra-right wing group known as the American Defense Initiative, an organization that is not just anti-Muslim or Islamophobic but it is also deeply opposed to President Obama’s vision of internationalism as opposed to a policy of isolationism and narrow, uncritical nationalism.  Arguably, the ads are a form of what some call hate-speech, communication that is aimed an inciting violence and wrongful conduct.  The leaders of ADI, sometimes referred to as Stop Islamization of America, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, are deeply opposed to what they see as the pro-Muslim policies of our government and the increasing role that Muslims have in the United States and Europe.  In a sense, the ads may be evidence that there is only a very small group of people who are anti-Muslim.  After all, Geller and Spencer would not be scared of Islam if Muslim citizens and Islamic nations were not treated favorably by our government and culture.  You will not see ads on buses today warning against the dangerous rise of polytheism.
Q: Will democracy legitimize such an advertisement?
A: The democratic political culture in the USA will not legitimize the ad, but toleration is another matter.  In the USA there is a foundational, Constitutional freedom of expression, including toleration of those who use their right to free speech to oppose the Constitution itself.  Anywhere in the United States, an American flag may be burned and destroyed in protest against the government, and, so long as the protest is nonviolent, the protesters’ right to burn the flag will be protected by the American government.  This is clearly a case of tolerance in the sense of enduring and protecting something most Americans find profoundly ugly and repugnant rather than any kind of legitimization.  After all, when Americans pledge their allegiance to the United States they begin by saying “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands.”
One of the prices of being faithful to our Republic is that we have to allow and protect those who peacefully say things many of us find outrageous, abominable, profane, and even anti-democratic. Rather than ‘hate speech’ in which we treat each other derisively, I support what I would love to call ‘love speech,’ communication that enhanced the shared respect and sympathy with each other.
Unfortunately, the term ‘love speech’ will never catch on because it will sound too sentimental or unserious or worse, and we will need to use a less tantalizing term like speech that reflects civic respect.’
Even so, why should it be easier to talk about hate rather than love?  I suggest that if Geller and Spencer truly loved our Republic they would seek to improve the cohesion, respect, and tolerance of our citizenry, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

2 thoughts on “U.S. prof in Teheran Times: Anti-Muslim ad on buses in Washington is 'aimed at inciting wrongful conduct'”

  1. Why do muslims still exist in Australia?
    It’s not like we don’t know what they are about!

    If you don’t yet know the muslim plan
    – have a quick read of the qur’an.
    (a google search will give you a free copy)

    You do not have to read (classical or even modern) Arabic.
    There is absolutely no problem with reading a translated Qur’an.

    “Kill non-muslims” translates the same from any version of Arabic.

    As does …..
    Qur’an 5:51
    “Believers, take not Jews and Christians (non-muslims) for your friends.”

    AND ….
    [Page 104]

    1. Exterminate kafirs.
    Christians/Jews must pay Jizya tax to Muslims, accept dimmi status as per Quran 9.29 or die.
    Murder of kafirs is a divine, holy act guaranteeing accession to Paradise.
    2. Declare Jihad to conquer the kafirs.
    War against kafirs is a divine act.
    3. Rape kafir women (no matter their age.)
    Own and rape sex slaves.
    Rape Muslim wives.
    Rape is a divine act.
    Marry Muslim child brides is Sunna.
    4. Own and breed slaves.
    Slavery is a divine institution of the AntiGod.
    5. Loot/plunder kafir property.
    Robbery is sunna.
    6. Destroy all other religions.
    7. Impose Sharia Law.
    8. Stone/whip adulterers.
    9. Assassinate Islam’s enemies.
    10. Murder all those who challenge Islam.
    11. Impose Islamic supremacy.
    12. Terrorize kafirs.
    13. Torture kafirs.
    14. Murder homosexuals.
    Murder apostates of Islam.
    15. Preach hate of Jews/Christians/ all other kafirs.

    These are the sacraments of the AntiGod Allah sanctifying the divine actions of Muslim men.
    • This is the religious freedom President Obama/Bloomberg and all the other political/media/intellectual elites supporting Islam are fighting for under the guise of religious freedom.
    • The AntiGod Allah is no God and Islam is no religion.
    • All those supporting Islam are supporting not democracy and freedom but totalitarianism.
    • Islam stands against everything the Constitution stands for.
    • We are on the verge of entering a black hole from which we can never emerge.

    There is no radical islam – only islam.

  2. When you read the Qur’an ….
    • do not read the Qur’an arranged in the Traditional order – the longest to the shortest chapter.
    • Read the Qur’an arranged in chronological order.

    1. the tolerant passages are earlier and the intolerant, violent passages are later.
    2. the peaceful passages don’t count any more.


    Now you know ….
    the truth about islam.

    Now you understand ….
    The dirty little game muslims play.

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