20 Islamic headchoppers have already returned from Syria

From a commenter:

Great! They will kill us all, but we can go down with the sure knowledge of our unsurpassable virtue.
Discriminate? Not us! Islamophobes? Good God, no! Xenophobes? No way!
We’d rather die than be accused of any of those things. We’ll go down in history as the best people ever!

20 Syrian fighters have returned to Australia  (Andrew Bolt)


I really do not understand why we have immigration policies which expose us to this danger and this expense:

ASIO director-general David Irvine warned that extremists fighting in the Iraq-Syria theatre may soon turn their attention towards targets in the West….

Intelligence agencies estimate that about 150 Australians are participating in the Iraq-Syria conflict, either overseas or via ­activities here in Australia such as recruiting fighters. The number thought to be in Iraq is small, fewer than 10.

Among them are convicted terrorist Khaled Sharrouf and his companion Mohamed Elomar, both of whom are fighting with ISIS.

Elomar and Sharrouf are suspected of having participated in mass executions conducted by ISIS against captured Iraqi prisoners in northern Iraq about two weeks ago…

Mr Irvine confirmed that a number of Australians who fought in Syria had since returned. The Australian understands they number about 20.

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  1. That’s all it takes. Anjem Chaudary and devout Muslims like him still call the 9/11 hijackers the “magnificent 19”.

  2. So can the Australian people SUE the Government for not doing their job in protecting us from these Arselifters? Maybe a class action law suit targeting all serving politicians, by the entire non Muslim population.

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