Apocalypso Now: a people’s revolution is required!

Green Mush-tard Elizabeth Farrelly:


“What about truth?” asks the Sydney Morning Herald‘s Elizabeth Farrelly. “What about climate change?” And then, naturally, she calls for the destruction of democracy:

We can’t wait for governments to make this call. It’s time to act. A people’s revolution is required. Democracy is failing us. So far, smugness and stupidity seem a more likely sinkhole for the democratic experiment than the bloodshed and tyranny that George Washington predicted, but if climate change really gets going it could still come to that. Democratic governments are abject moral cowards.

These youthful climate activists are on your side, Elizabeth:

image And here’s another batch of anti-democracy enthusiasts, wearing some form of protective shield against dangerous global warming:

image Warmies and other fundamentalists have a long anti-democratic tradition. Meanwhile, everything’s going plumb loco in Age columnist Suzy Freeman-Greene’s garden:

It’s June but my backyard plum tree sprouts blossom while wearing a mantle of yet-to-fall leaves. Basil – a summer herb – is only just dying off in the tardy cold. Spring bulbs started coming up in a neighbour’s garden in May.

Why, it’s total anarchy! There are blossoms, people! And BULBS!

The weather’s changing and we monitor it furiously on phones and websites.

Of course you do. You live in Melbourne.

Does this checking of hourly temperatures and rain forecasts offer a semblance of control when so much seems out of our hands?

Suzy must be nearly 50 by now and still hasn’t worked out that the weather is beyond human control.

If we’re unsettled, consider the animals and plants. In southern Queensland, more than 45,000 flying foxes dropped dead on one mega hot day this year. They fell from the sky, little corpses piling up by the thousands.

It’s a well-known fact that bats can’t take the heat. Keep on hyperventilating, Suzy:

In Queensland’s wet tropics, birds and possums are moving higher up the mountains in search of cooler air. Eventually, there’ll be nowhere left to go.

Try Melbourne! There are plenty of bulbs and blossoms to eat, all year round. A final climate horror indicator from Freeman-Greene:

Just last week, it was reported that rising sea levels have dislodged the remains of 26 Japanese World War II soldiers from their graves on the Marshall Islands.

According to a local, the dislodged corpses were due to king tides eroding a mass grave on the beach. Still, for safety’s sake, let’s follow Elizabeth’s advice and ban democracy. Bulbs and bones are a bad combination.

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